If you have been watching the practice and qualifying sessions from the Qatar GP, you may have noticed that Valentino Rossi is once again wearing one of his special helmet designs. This one is a bit different though — instead of a crazy or clever paint scheme, Rossi and his crew have subtle lit the AGV Pista helmet’s clear rear spoiler.

Under the night lights of the Losail International Circuit, the effect is pretty astounding. Usually a spectacle of glowing brake discs and flaming exhausts, the night time atmosphere of the Qatar proves itself once again to be an interesting canvas for the light, which Rossi has masterfully tapped into.

A favorite event for our main man Scott Jones, we’ve got a few shots of Rossi and his LED light show. It’s interesting how the LEDs change some of the more classic Rossi photos, and of course it makes Rossi really pop on the TV feed. Enjoy!






Photo: © 2014 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • KSW

    Nice Pics Scott!

    Rider Tip: On the street I have long used an LED from a cycling shop that can be all on or strobe clipped to the back collar of my riding jacket underneath my helmet which has a 3m black/reflective sticker on it centered down low. This little system lets those behind you at night have no excuse as to why they didn’t see you. Get the red flashing LED for the front when you really want to lane split like a mad man. : )

  • Sentinel

    Great pics! The positive safety implications for something like this are huge!


  • Dan

    If i’m not mistaken Iannone is running some light on his helmet too? Front chin bar?

  • I don’t think so Dan.

  • sumringah pisan

    Mantap tenan ikii…….. ! (y)

  • Dan


    Not really sure where the image came from. Could be just reflection from the dash display?

  • steve

    Flouresent paint, reflecting light from dash, note flash of light on his face shield

  • froryde

    I use a red (non-flashing mode though) FibreFlare helmet light – works REALLY well at night!

  • beemz

    bukan “semakin didepan”, tapi tulisannya: “semakin gak keliatan”, dibawah banget

  • Smitch

    I know A&R is big in Asia, but what the heck are you guys saying?!

  • i think Rossi is going SuperSayan this year,speacially with that helmet
    love it

    great job on the photos

  • I think Rossi is doing awesome work in racing track this year and the way he designed his vechile is really awesome !! Love you Rossi !!!