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11/21/2014 @ 3:21 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS


It’s almost the weekend, which means the end of another grueling work-week for many of our readers. With winter upon us, the release of riding a motorcycle after a long week has been diminished, if not extinguished entirely, which only adds to the no-motorcycle doldrums.

We have a little something for that though: 45 minutes of good ol’fashioned two-stroke awesomeness. The sequel to the much loved The Unrideables documentary, we bring to you The UnrideablesĀ Part 2, which picks up from its predecessor and covers the Rainey/Schwantz era of racing. Enjoy!

Source: Motorsport Retro

  • crshnbrn

    Thanx for the history lesson.

  • Slangbuster

    Brought back lots of memories. Thanks!

  • Matt Higgins

    I love watching this as I am a huge fan of two stroke motorbike roadracing and esp. this era, w/all the greats. A proud time for American riders and fans.

  • irksome

    When men were men and bikes had a 3-grand powerband that’d spit you off faster than you can say traction-control.

    Glory days; that was a brilliant trip down memory lane, thanks.

  • Paul McM

    Thank you A&R! I had the good fortune to see these riders in their prime.

    Accordingly, this, without question, is the best moto-racing documentary I’ve ever seen. The interviews with Gardner, Rainey, Schwantz are marvelous — funny, revealing, informative — creating a remarkable “human” side to the golden years of MotoGP. And if you want to see/hear genuine emotion, listen to the interviewees’ comments about Rainey’s career-ending accident. Very moving. Enjoyed this video immensely. Every fan of racing should watch this — twice.

  • Looter

    That was feckin awesome! Miss the two strokers.

  • DogDBountyHunter

    Thank you so much for bringing back all the amazing memories.

  • TheAnomoly

    That German blood boy Schwantz just isn’t aging well

  • Rob

    Great video. Really appreciated this thread.

    $25k is still crazy for the Kawi H2.

  • J Wilson

    Every time I’ve seen the first part, and now this, I am dumbfounded at the sheer courage it took to manhandle these chainsaw-engine widowmakers. Just like watching Formula One from the 50’s and 60’s, you really didn’t know if you’d see the finish line when you took the Green Flag.

    And yet, the sport has evolved, and though I can be snippy about ‘the electronics’, it saves life and limb, and would not want to go back.

    Another thing I’m quite sure of: IF I ever had to spend a lot of time in alleys and Other Places Your Mother Warned You About, I’m taking Wayne Gardner with me.

    It also underlines what Rossi has seen, to have started at the high end of that two-stroke era, and to still be at the front of the field and winning today (especially after two years in exile at Ducati), really underscores what a talent he truly is. The Doctor is ALWAYS in.

  • Jason

    Fantastic! Thank you

  • Belga

    I remember seeing Wayne at Laguna in ’91. His line through Turn 2 was like watching DaVinci draw a perfect circle freehand. I was too young to fully appreciate who and what I was seeing so I’m always grateful when watching these documentaries. Thanks A&R!

  • John

    this was on speed channel???? had no idea with all the nascar that was on there
    Rainey was awesome but Lawson was my favorite watching it all go down back then

  • Slothrop

    Great to see this. If only they’d left the music out. Do they think it won’t be exciting enough without some tired pop music?

  • Stanzi

    this video was not posted by a&r but rather a twitter user.

  • Piglet2010

    The YouTube link in the older article you link to is broken, but the first part can be found here:

  • Jw

    I would like to see a race today with the current Motogp riders and using this equipment.

    Any guess who would win?

  • Iain

    Here a link to The Unrideables Part 2

  • Ken

    Thanks. Loved it!

  • Dan

    Here’s another documentary of similar style I found while looking for part 1:

  • John A. Stockman

    It was on Velocity Network in May 2014, and my DVR recorded it…permanently and not-to-be-erased! I caught everything on Speed that was motorcycle anything, but if it was on that defunct channel, I missed it. Maybe because I quit watching when Rick Miner decided to turn it into the nascar channel and immediately axed all the 2-wheel support shows. “Don’t worry, we won’t become the nascar channel” was a direct quote from him when they started with the nascar broadcast deal. Seeing some nascar driver having a show where he was going around cooking and BBQ-ing was the last nail for me. Done. I can watch The Unrideables over and over and not get tired of them. One of the best ever.