Video: Suzuki MotoGP Development Report, Part 4

01/10/2014 @ 3:16 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


The fourth installment of Suzuki’s four-part video series (part 1, part 2, & part 3 here) on its MotoGP program is out, and this time around the Japanese OEM is talking about the relentless perils of testing, testing, and more testing (no surprises here). One of Suzuki’s biggest hurdles though, as it gets ready for the 2015 season, is switching from its Mitsubishi electronics system, to the spec-ecu being built by Magneti Marelli for Dorna.

The process is more difficult than it sounds. Not only does Suzuki have to do the general development necessary to get the most out of the Suzuki XRH-1 GP prototype (more photos here, too), but then once complete, Suzuki must port those settings to the Magneti Marelli unit. Meanwhile test riders Randy de Puniet and Nobuatsu Aoki are constantly finding things to improve with the race bike, which can require further changes to the ECU software.

No one ever said it was easy to race in the premier class of motorcycle racing, and Suzuki’s efforts prove that point. With the MotoGP proving itself to be an ever-changing landscape for rules and regulations, Suzuki also faces a very slim window to use the bike that they are currently developing. Thus in our minds, their place as the 2015 underdogs has already been solidified well ahead of their debut. Good luck to all of them.

Source: Suzuki Racing

  • digi64

    Spec ECU, what’s next? Spec engine, spec frame? Seems like someone might be missing the point of a prototype racing series.

  • Judge

    Yes a spec ECU. You like the racing how it is? Guys get out front and everybody distances themselves from each other, very little passing. There’s hardly any close racing. Without a doubt electronics are the biggest cause. Honda has the most money – and because electronics seem to be a bottomless pit – they will always have the 2 best bikes.

    Wouldn’t you rather a chance that just about ANY guy out there could win, instead of the same 3 guys all the time? That would be exciting. Competition man!

  • Norm G.

    re: “Honda has the most money – and because electronics seem to be a bottomless pit – they will always have the 2 best bikes.”

    no, they will always have the 2 best bikes because the degreed engineers of HRC, use their years of experience (and their ridiculous paychecks) to fashion PHYSICALLY superior kit to everyone else.

    take away the electrics and a grandprix Honda will still win. why…? by being the “last bike standing”. ie. the only one to NOT scatter or draw a vacuum before the checkers.

  • Norm G.

    oh yeah… NATCORK.

  • JawDroppin

    Personally, Im a Honda fan – but I really hope Suzuki will be ultra competitive come their return in 2015… Why? Coz I believe an inline 4 that is well developed, is still the superior engine configuration over a V4…

    I guess only time will tell… But it all seems to go in circles – we have already been through the V(x) engine configuration – only to return to an inline design… Yamaha is still using an inline 4 – and they aren’t far from the money on it too…

  • Norm G.

    re: “Yamaha is still using an inline 4 – and they aren’t far from the money on it to”

    Masao Furusawa, and the French Doctor currently saving Schumacher’s life. I tender to you these 2 individuals should receive the same level of compensation as Brad Pitt, and be as equal a target of Paparazzi lenses as Kim Kardashian’s ass.

  • crshnbrn

    Brad Pitt level of compensation? Okay.
    Target of paparazzi? What have they done to deserve that? Leave them alone, and let them do their work.

  • Damn

    i can’t wait for suzuki to join motogp again. itsbeen to long. the bike looks pretty too. btw why is honda the only factory moaning about the ecu? i think (sinds lately) that it is a must. they can use 24r litres again. 12 engines. So i think (sinds lately) that dorna must push this for next year!! heavyer riders have no dissadvantage again like rossi(little less jorge etc.) kawasaki will join sooner i hope maybe other factory’s?! so sinds lately i say F…k the ECU. let the right hand do the talking like it was for a long time!!!!! so for the first time im gonna say go go go calimero

  • Even though many of my family members have been injured by riding motorcycles, I would LOVE to own one. I would probably get stuck in a high-speed chase with the police though.