Video: Suzuki MotoGP Development Report, Part 1

01/02/2014 @ 11:58 am, by David Emmett17 COMMENTS


When Suzuki decided to move their return to MotoGP back a year, from 2014 to 2015, questions were raised over just how serious they are about actually coming back. The odds appear stacked against them: the bikes were some way off the pace, over 1.8 seconds at Misano.

Suzuki is still working with their Mitsubishi electronics unit, not yet having moved to the Magneti Marelli unit which is compulsory from 2014, and coming to MotoGP in 2015 would leave them just two seasons before a new set of regulations is to be introduced, likely to include a rev limit and compulsory spec software. Suzuki face an uphill task.

Despite the challenges, they seem determined to come back to motorcycle racing’s premier class. One sign of their intent is the launch of a new four-part video series on the progress made on the MotoGP project, the first video of which was released yesterday.

Though the video does not provide a huge amount of detail on their testing program, it does give a nice insight into the reality of testing in motorcycle racing: far away from the glamour of international circuits and thronging fans, a small group of people grind out the miles and spend their time pouring over data looking for improvement.

The most intriguing detail thrown up by the video is their justification for a return to the class. With the switch from a V4 to an inline four engine layout, Suzuki hopes to gain more data for their road bikes, including the GSX-R1000.

Why do this in MotoGP and not World Superbikes? WSBK limits the factory in how it can change chassis geometry and design, the rules dictating that the production chassis should be the starting point.

In MotoGP, engineers can experiment freely with chassis layouts, weight distribution, frame thickness, even modifying the positioning of the various gearbox and engine components with respect to each other, in pursuit of better balance and better mechnical grip. Suzuki’s MotoGP program appears to be aimed at improving the GSX-R 1000 as well.

Source: Suzuki Racing

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  • Bill

    I hope they come back and do well. I also hope that trying to rein in costs does not destroy the prototype class. When you have too many rules in the way of new developments you get no development that would actually trickle down, just ways to break the rules.

  • jet

    I love an Under Dog,I’ve alway’s ha a soft spot for the older street machine’s,good luck to the team..

  • Stanford Crane

    Gee it reminds me of the Red Bull F1 development center, lol.

  • Phil

    1.8 seconds off pace but don’t forget who they have testing it. They need a big name to really test its speed not RDP! He’s good and world class but not good enough to get podiums.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Suzuki face an uphill task.”

    welcome to Everest, please keep all hands and legs inside the car till we reach the summit. thank you.

  • Funnyman6869

    The perfect scenario…….Ben Spies comes back to MOTOGP on a Suzuki……Reunited & it would feel so good.

  • You’re crazy. I like you, but you’re crazy.

  • damn

    Im with phil! RDP is totaly not the man too provide any usefull data or info. he’s to slow to provide vital info for improvement. if you can’t ride a bike as hard as needed for info you will only work backwards. Suzuki needs a rider like stoner, rossi(even if he’s not as fast as he used too be) dani, or dovi. hrc said dovi gave very good info for honda.

  • Norm G.

    re: “I’m with Phil! RDP is totally not the man too provide any useful data or info. he’s to slow to provide vital info for improvement.”

    NATCORK. he’ll be fine.

  • smiler

    Odd word to use – suspension, when it left MotoGP because it had not won a single race since the change from 500’s.

    Ad for Spies – should go back to AMA or WSBK. There is no way he will get a ride in MotoGP.

    Interesting that the effort to rejoin MotoGP is focused in improving the GSXR. Like Porsche rejoining Le Mans. Racing improvies the breed.
    personally I don’t thinkm they will do it but another manufacturer and De Puneiet back will make The Såpanish Championship less boring.

  • Conrice

    Spies needs to stick to cycling and his small private business in Texas. He’s lost the drive and interest in motorcycle racing. Fans need to realize he wants do other things with his life. He owes the sport and us nothing.

    As for RDP – ehhh, we’ll see. I think he was a solid motogp Racer. We’ll see how the year off and testing goes for him. Hopefully he doesn’t lose too much speed with the down time.

    I’m pretty sure it was my eyes playing tricks on me (and I know they said I4), but I could have sworn I saw 5 exhaust pipes when they showed in between the fairings. I just hope the Suzuki is competitive next year.

    Maybe they’ll catch a break next year when Honda bows out (because of the Spec ECU rule) – sarcasm

  • Scruby

    Maybe they can beat Ducati,maybe not,but that will be about it.

  • sburns2421

    Smiler, Chris Vermuelen won at Lemans on the Suzuki, 2007 IIRC.

    Otherwise I have trouble getting excited about this bike. Suzuki seems to always do it on the cheap and it shows. Their GSXR is ancient in sportbike years and marginally competitive (Laverty will have a long year in WSBK!). Why not spend the time developing the greatest production bike rather than flushing millions for a few points each race?

  • Terry

    That test track does not look safe.

  • Is it just me, or did that clip say absolutely nothing? Also, where do these script writers learn English, some of the language used was total rubbish! Other than that….it sounds O.K.

  • Pete

    Suzuki should bring Bautista back into the fold. He’d be a proper test rider instead of RdP. Though, with a lucrative and competitive Gresinia Honda deal it’d be hard to lure him away. RdP has spent too many year developing the CRT which doesn’t seem a good match for a factory effort.

  • Bisho

    I guess the next production gsxR,will be a rocket…………..well i hope so.Go SUZUKI!!!