MotoGP: Race Results from Qatar

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MotoGP Race Results from the Qatar GP at Doha, Qatar:

Pos. Rider Team Bike KM/H Diff.
1 Marc MARQUEZ Repsol Honda Team Honda 166.4 42’40.561
2 Valentino ROSSI Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 166.3 +0.259
3 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team Honda 166.1 +3.370
4 Aleix ESPARGARO NGM Forward Racing Forward Yamaha 165.6 +11.623
5 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati Team Ducati 165.6 +12.159
6 Cal CRUTCHLOW Ducati Team Ducati 164.5 +28.526
7 Scott REDDING GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 164.3 +32.593
8 Nicky HAYDEN Drive M7 Aspar Honda 164.3 +32.628
9 Colin EDWARDS NGM Forward Racing Forward Yamaha 163.8 +39.547
10 Andrea IANNONE Pramac Racing Ducati 163.6 +43.360
11 Hiroshi AOYAMA Drive M7 Aspar Honda 163.4 +46.595
12 Yonny HERNANDEZ Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Ducati 163.4 +46.688
13 Karel ABRAHAM Cardion AB Motoracing Honda 163.1 +50.581
14 Danilo PETRUCCI IodaRacing Project ART 162.4 +1’03.127
15 Broc PARKES Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 161.7 +1’14.386
16 Michael LAVERTY Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 160.5 +1’32.593
17 Mike DI MEGLIO Avintia Racing Avintia 160.3 +1’36.085
Not Classified
Alvaro BAUTISTA GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 166.2 2 Laps
Bradley SMITH Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 166.1 4 Laps
Pol ESPARGARO Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 165.0 5 Laps
Stefan BRADL LCR Honda MotoGP Honda 165.6 14 Laps
Hector BARBERA Avintia Racing Avintia 160.7 18 Laps
Jorge LORENZO Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 0 Lap

Source: MotoGP; Photo: © 2014 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • L2C

    That was an amazing race.

  • Excellent race!!! That battle up front was worth the wait!

  • KSW

    That was good up front, Excellent up front. Still suffers the same issue of the front pack, the middle pack (saw them twice for a 15 second break from the front pack) and those in the rear whom we never saw. Soooooooooooo, I’m hoping it was way better for those of you who are paying the Bridgepoint fee for online from the source.

    I still don’t get why they own WSBK? Seems to me the middle pack should be grouped with WSBK, the last group eliminated along with WSBK and those remaining WSBK riders join Moto2. Then let the factory boys who are the lead small pack up front who’s sponsors/riders get exposure can run what they brung and to hell with all the last minute rule changes to even the field.

    At least when I’m home I see more then when I’m shooting at the track so that’s always a bonus. Plus, I didn’t have to pay someone else to do my job like at Daytona so….. Happy Days

  • L2C

    As others are vocalizing online, what the heck was Aleix Espargaro doing in Parc fermé? Like those others, that also bothered me big time. Seriously, when he showed up, it spoiled the mood of the finish of the race. Not terribly, but just enough to be proper annoying. I thought Dorna was done with that mess.

  • Gutterslob

    Cracking race. Marquez, rode brilliantly to win that one, especially with a leg that’s not 100%. But why did Rossi drop-off on the last lap like that? Did he run out of gas physically, or did the bike go into fuel-save mode or something?

  • crshnbrn

    I also wondered if Rossi had run out of fuel when he suddenly dropped back. We will find out how well Yamaha is doing with fuel management at the Austin race.

  • hughesatron

    I really, REALLY appreciate you guys not publishing the results. I just finished watching the results and it was an amazing race.

  • good race, but all of the rules & “restricted development” by the factories in prototype racing makes less sense than umbrella girls at a night race

  • Is it wrong that I smiled when Lorenzo went down? :) Looks like the Yamaha’s are having the same problem this year that they had last year, handling through the corners, and stability in transition. Notice all the crashes happened in transitions.

    I love watching Valentino Rossi and Mark Marquez run together, their styles so starkly different, the doctor epitomizing smooth, while Marquez looks like a motocross racer out there slinging his bike all over the place, he skates on his tires sliding constantly. No reason for him not to ride the hardest compound because his sliding style works better with less grip. Sand on the track was probably to his advantage. The last laps. What a battle! LookOut baby!

    Looks like the Ducatis have made virtually no progress in development, Crutchlow would probably be doing better better back on his old Kawasaki.

    The Repsol Honda remained significantly better than any other bike out there, better through the corners, better in transition and with a solid top-end punch. With Marquez on one, Honda is sure to win this season barring injury or catastrophe. First race of the season, and it’s already over. Remember where you heard it kids :)

  • I just wanted to throw a comment in here that I didn’t get to post last year regarding the Phillip Island debacle and this interview.

    What a bunch of unmitigated horse sh-t. So the teams were not specifically told before the race that they would be black flagged, “exclusion” (what a pussifed term for being thrown out of the race). So they decided on a case-by-case basis *wink wink* that Mark Marquez would be disqualified/excluded, thereby put the championship up for grabs again. *side eyes*

    But that’s nothing compared to race organizers who choose to risk the lives of riders because Bridgestone failed to produce a product that could go the distance. And why did they do that?

    [For both us and the organizers, a ten lap race was simply not something we wanted to be involved in.]

    Translation, 10 laps means that half the commercials from half the sponsors won’t get to a air, and they’re all going to be asking for their money back, and we don’t give money back, and we don’t violate our contract with our sponsors, that would be unprofessional. Keeping the money people happy, PRIORITY 1, all other priorities RESCINDED. And if a couple of riders die or a few pit workers get mangled for life, well that’s just the way it goes, this is a professional operation.

    Of course the idea of yellow flagging the race at 10 laps so everybody could come in for a pit stop, then going green once everybody was back out on the track in order, perhaps using a pace car or pace motorcycle the way they do in other racing operations, never occurred to these guys.

    They could have even run two separate races, and just split the points between the two. Both of those options would have been more exciting for spectators and made for a better, fairer, far safer race. And the sponsors would love it because they would get more commercials in.

    And of course these idjets have been holding off on radio (turn of the 20th century technology) because riders don’t want anyone squawking in they’re ear mid-corner distracting them, so we nixt that idea.

    I must admit I never realized what a F-ing Mickey Mouse operation GP racing really is. This little interview shows me just how stupid, clueless and uncaring the bureaucrats running this thing really are. Thanks for enlightening me.

  • Westward

    That was a very entertaining race indeed. But I definitely think Rossi’s racecraft was better than Marquez ‘s, who’s victory seemed more attributed to the bike than talent. Rossi passed Marquez on three separate occasions where Marquez was able to twist the throttle and retake like the Yamaha was standing still. That was more due to technology than talent. If they were on the same bike, Rossi wins hands down.

    Of the seven pilots that crashed out, only two were not in the lead group, and anyone of them looked like they had a chance at a podium. Even Iannone, was in fourth before he went down and still managed to finish in the top ten. If he had not crashed even he looked like he could have made the podium, and he would have been the leading Ducati.

    I wonder where Lorenzo would have finished had he not gone down.

  • Kenny Roberts

    It would be nice if A&R would not “spoil” the race by posting such photos. I mean, come on guys. You post a photo of 1st and 2nd place, as they finished, and you don’t understand that the photo is a spoiler? Really?

  • L2C

    Why would someone go to a motorcycling blog on race day without first having watched the races? I’ll never understand that. And some of the Internet’s most heated exchanges about MotoGP happen right here at A & R.

    You’re a little nuts if you think A & R are not going to lead race results with pretty pictures of the winners. It’s just the way this blog does things. Motomatters is an excellent option, if you want to avoid spoilers — but it’s all about motorcycle racing, so I don’t know why you’d want to go there either looking for spoiler-free coverage.

  • L2C

    “But why did Rossi drop-off on the last lap like that? Did he run out of gas physically, or did the bike go into fuel-save mode or something?”

    I had the exact same question during the race. Wonder if there’s a story behind that, because it looked like he had no choice in the matter.

    Also, I’m glad that Dani Pedrosa played it safe. He posted a result that was even better than last year’s race at Qatar. Can’t take anything away from him. He saw the signs and did what he had to do to finish. For most of the race, Alvaro Bautista was on the verge of losing the front of his bike, yet he kept poking around trying to find away past Pedrosa. The result was that Bautista made his move too early and then couldn’t deal with Pedrosa pressuring him from behind, then just like many others, Bautista ended up in the kitty litter. Having the ability to keep a cool head in tricky situations can be all the difference that matters.

    In fact this entire weekend was all about keeping staying calm pressure. Jorge Lorenzo and Alvaro Bautista were the biggest and most visible examples of riders who lost their cool to disastrous results. Even Alex Marquez in Moto3 made a rookie mistake which cost him victory today, but he didn’t pay a heavy penalty taking second on the podium as a consolation prize.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if David Emmett based his race summary of Qatar around the virtues of grace under pressure. Nothing mattered more at Losail this year.

    And it has to be said, Marc Marquez did not crack even a little bit. He performed as good as the best ever, with a broken leg, and not once did he give up the ghost.

    Lessons, my Padawan learners. Lessons.

  • Jw

    Crashfest thank you Bridgestone

    Dunlop does not seem to have Bridgestone problems ..

    Streaming the pay per view video pass was a cluster with audio – video timing always off kilter yet my internet speed was ok. Sometimes the sound went out thenback on and not caught up to the video. I lost the live feed, then had to wait an hour after the race to start it over, which I was willing to do. So I wait, why so many spoilers when you go into the payperview app to try and watch the race for the first time? Not everyone paying can see this live, so I’m pissed that on both the video app pass and you cannot get into the vidoe sections without first seeing who won. They should first have a safe screen to navigate you safely to your desired video. I pay good money for the pass and would appreciate a little consideration for fans that miss out or work during a race. I understand A and R posting a winner but the pay video pass and Dorna need to get their act together.

    Nick Harris made so many mistakes commentating that I end up making the corrections in my mind so much that I loose parts of what I pay to watch. Where is Gavin ?

    Too many riders down and destroyed bikes in one race for me today, sorry.

  • Kenny, drop me an email next time so I know when you’ve seen the race. We all here will avoid talking about it until you’ve given us the go-ahead.

  • L2C

    “In fact this entire weekend was all about keeping staying calm pressure.”

    Glitch in the matrix, I guess. LOL…

  • Jw, Gavin is with BT Sport…and yes, Nick and the crew haven’t quite found their rhythm yet.

    Bookmark this page:

  • Kenny Roberts

    Sorry guys, I should have clarified that I was referring to their Facebook post. A&R posted a link to this blog on FB, stating, click here for race results. That’s great, but it defeats the purpose when they post a photo of the top two riders along with the link. It just doesn’t make sense. They did the same stupid shit last year and they’ll probably keep on doing it.

    And please, don’t bother telling me that I can unlike A&R anytime I want. They usually post great info. The spoiler photos just ruin it for me.

  • “It just doesn’t make sense.” You’re right. It’s crazy that we’d want to report the news.

    I know it sucks to have results “spoiled” by someone or something, but it is extremely self-centerd to blame others for your inability to see something live, or to insulate yourself from the results after the fact.

    I have zero patience for people that think that because they haven’t seen something, the rest of the world should refrain from talking about it. You missed the race, which was on in the middle of the day here in the USA by the way, so it is YOUR job to duck social media and websites. It is not our job to wait until you have caught up.

    If you don’t want race spoilers with your daily news, read a magazine. They’ll have the results in two to three months for you. Plenty of time.

  • Kenny Roberts

    As expected….you won’t change until it hurts your business. John Ulrich of used to believe the same as you. Then he realized that no one was visiting his site on Sundays and he changed his policy regarding News headlines.

    You can get the same information to your followers without spoiling the results. That is, unless you believe spoiler photos are essential.

    Best Regards,

  • Again, you control whether or not you hop on social media immediately after a race takes place. I didn’t log you into your computer. You did.

    There are only two types of people who complain about spoilers: those who don’t have the self-restratint to stay offline for a few hours, or those who wait impossibly long to actually watch a race.

    To be clear, you had 10hrs from when the Qatar GP aired in Tennessee to when you posted on here, and yet you couldn’t watch the race on your DVR or online (since you clearly didn’t watch it live) in that timeframe?

    On the other side of the coin, you couldn’t show 10hrs worth of self-restraint from trolling Facebook, where I’m sure you follow several motorcycle sites and have tons of motorcycle friends?

    Don’t get in a huff in my comments section because you expect the world to cater to your schedule and agenda.

  • KSW


    I talked to John Recently about his fledgling publication and his problems are unique to him.. Brian J. is a mediocre photographer but John won’t use anything else. RoadRacingWorld is a closed loop site. Nothing shared, nothing to comment on and nothing worth looking at if you look here or at Andrew Wheelers site or mine. John’s failure to change and the ability to treat a Manufacturer like a piece of trash are John’s problems.

    I find that having no social media what so ever is the best for guys like us and those rocking the world these days.
    Kenny, go old school sans social media as guys like us have lived a life well worn life without it. Plus, those really moving the bar don’t use social media unless someone else does it for them. I’m sorting that out as we speak.

    I too come to A&R to rant when it seems the world mistreats me and that’s usually at a race track dealing with media officers responsible for credentials. They seem to still think it’s the magazines that matter when I can’t think of one with any money to pay contributors in a timely fashion.

    Relax Kenny, it’s a brave new world. Just not as brave as you, on a race bike.

  • Doug


    You wrote, “Sorry guys, I should have clarified that I was referring to their Facebook post. A&R posted a link to this blog on FB, stating, click here for race results…”

    And then you complain? Don’t click the fucking link if it says “race results” and you don’t want to see them

  • Ricky

    people who complain about race spoilers (from F1 to motogp) on racing websites or any website are spoiled brats who need to grow up. sick of these idiots.

  • Westward

    @ Racetrack Style

    The umbrella girls have multiple function. Sure, providing of shade is the obvious one. However, the umbrella further exposes the brand, also it allows spectators to locate the teams on the grid amoungst the chaos…

    What I found interesting this weekend. Bautista and Smith on the front row, also Dovi, narrowly missing it and placing ahead of Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Rossi. As for the results, Redding finishing ahead of Hayden, Edwards, and even Aoyama…

  • KSW

    The sad part about the umbrella girls is that they are making money while riders, and the “lucky” photographers and media folks are paying to be there. If anyone wants to pay for travel, accommodation, food and salary for those that are actively promoting the brand globally, daily, they should first walk into the press room. That’s after they’ve told the VIP who’s no idea who’s racing or won that they have to pay not the people doing the actual work.
    If they’ve money to pay umbrella girls then A&R should be chock a block with paid advertising. Oh, but it’s not.
    Damn umbrella girls and VIP’s get all the money.

  • Reading some of the comments here, I often wonder if some of you are actually watching the race, as opposed to watching the data feeds, stat, numbers, and commentator evaluations, that some of you business people *looks down upon them dismissively* seem so obsessed with. :)

    Here’s a little advice, stop counting your money once in a while and open your eyes. Money isn’t real, money is an abstract concept, for those of you who haven’t come to that realization yet. The same goes for stats and numbers and data feeds. In the final analysis motorcycle racing comes down to seat of your pants, and in that evaluation Mark Marquez has the most sensitive bum in the game.

    Some of the analysis in the comments here and on the various sites around the web on this race are just crap. When I watch a race, I WATCH THE RACE! I’m not looking at stats or numbers or data streams, I hardly pay attention to what the commentators are saying unless it’s relevant to the race. When the race is on I watched the riders and bikes.

    Instead of holding back results on this blog, as some of those pantywaist spoiler trolls insist upon with their whining. You should be posting results in real time, I suggest a race ticker with continuous ongoing are positioned results, and an open thread for those of us who actually understand what they’re seeing, so we can help you less fortunates comprehend what you are witnessing.

    These complainers are obviously corporate owned weasels obsessed with their power to control everyone and everything around them, always seeking new avenues to project that control onto the rest of the world, which doubtless is the stuff of their wet dreams. Lord save us from the petty dictators currently in the process of F-ing up our whole world for the sake of their obsession with control. Its a waste of breath talking to such people, they are to be shunned and ostracized by all genuine warm blooded human beings, for the sake of our survival as a species. :)

    One relevant piece of information that was mentioned at the beginning of the race, was how blowing sand accumulating on the track had been a problem. And looking at that track seeing how there is just a small border of grass around much of it, and no windbreaks or fences to stop that sand, it’s easy to see how impossible it is to stop sand from getting on a track that’s in the middle of a desert.

    As someone who grew up living on the ocean riding down A1A daily, I learned as a kid on a bicycle about the hazard of sand on asphalt. Sand creates a barrier between the rubber and the road far more effectively than water. A patch of sand creates an area of just about zero traction when you’re on slicks, and a dusting of sand reduces traction in direct proportion to how many particles come between the tire and the asphalt. Each particle decreases the area of contact, and creates problems that you don’t see with a wet track or even an icy track. Particularly when it comes to making direction changes and transitioning from one heel to another. Torsional forces which would tend to plant the bike on a clean surface end up causing you to lose traction with both wheels on sandy asphalt. And this effect is amplified the closer you are to the edge of traction. And as I said, most if not all of the riders who went down in this race happened as they were transitioning.

    So I don’t buy any of that crap about riders losing their cool, that’s bull sh-t. What was happening out there, is riders expecting a certain amount of traction from their bikes and their tires, and it simply wasn’t there, as a result of that dusting of sand on the track.

    As to those who think that Valentino Rossi is a better rider than Mark Marquez you must be blind, or clueless, or both. Maybe Rossi from 10 years ago, when he was in his prime, might have had a chance at staying with Marquez when he’s pushing as hard as he can, but I doubt it. Bikes were a lot different than, tires were different, and Valentino’s style was really the only way to go fast, that’s not the case anymore. Rossi dropped back at the end because Mark kicked it up a notch, and Valentino knew he couldn’t hang, he knew that he was outclassed. :) And at his age, with the wisdom he’s acquired, Rossi realized that it’s better to come in second, then go down trying for first. Smart move, really the only move for the old man. Who I will grant you may not be totally past it yet, but his remaining career is measured in months, not years.

    Rossi’s time and his style of riding is the past, while Mark and his style are the future. Even Lorenzo, who is really the only one on the track aside from Crutchlow good enough to hang with Marquez, is not on the same level. And if you can’t see that, well it just means you haven’t got the observational chops to understand what you’re seeing when you watch Marquez ride. He is the best, the best I’ve ever seen, maybe the best that’s ever been. And I started out as a harsh critic of his. But I can’t deny the truth of what my eye are showing me.

    I suggest the rest of you get with the program, before you embarrass yourself further. :)

  • Westward – my comment was more satirical than serious.

  • Jw

    I’m not ready to write off 35 year old Rossi just yet. Considering the younger riders on the grid Sunday, Rossi was the one who showed us he may be able to pull off number 10. These are the races and anything can happen. Considering the battle I witnessed Sunday, how can anyone speak a negative word about him?. I have no favorites here, rather I am just a fan of the sport. If it was not for Rossi Sunday it would have been a so so race to watch.

    I must defend the working folks out there that simply cannot watch in real time, wouldn’t it be better for these fans to get a chance to enjoy a race as much as others, isn’t this better for growing the base which MOTOGP needs? As if this is the only sport to see a fan whine.. Good grief.

  • Westward

    MotoGP, Formula1, & The Tour de France are unique in Sports, they are truly international. The opportunities for viewing are not that same. This time Qatar was in the middle of the day for Western countries, but it was much later in the evening for European ones. The Austin round will be even later in the evening than before for the Euro crowd and early morning for the Asian ones.

    When the European rounds come about, the North and South American crowd will have to figure out how they will view live from 2:00am to 5:00am…

    It’s not like Football American and other US Sports. Those events cater solely to the US market and the rest of the world be damned. Even Football or Soccer is regional depending on league.

    Not to mention that MotoGP does not have the most stable of schedules or broadcasting. One year its on Eurosport, the next its BBC, now it’s on BT Sport. In the US its Speed one year and Fox the next. MotoGP has the most Schizophrenic television broadcasting distribution of any sport I can think of…

  • Westward

    Rossi, Redding, and Iannone had the most impressive rides of the premiere class. Rossi came from tenth on the grid to finish second. The rookie Redding beat everyone on same bike in the likes of Hayden and Aoyama, and even Edwards who was on a better machine. Then Iannone battled from eleventh for the top positions until he crashed, then remounted in last position and still managed to finish tenth, one spot better than he placed.

    The season looks most promising indeed, just hope it stays as such…

  • Jw

    Yup, considering Rossi having a tough 3 years and to come at MM the way he did impressed the hell the hell out a me

  • L2C

    @ Aaron B. Brown

    “I suggest the rest of you get with the program, before you embarrass yourself further.”

    The program? The “Aaron B. Brown” program? No thanks, I’ll pass on that opaque and oblique sh-t. And the parts that are intelligible are as far from revolutionary as invalidity can get. That’s right, as far from revolutionary as invalidity can get; neither cogent or enlightening.

    Why don’t you name the corporate shills that you are so enamored with? Or does that go against your principles of politeness, so much so that you would rather attempt to bash your dense blocks of mostly meaningless text over the heads of those you deem beneath you?

    “When I watch a race, I WATCH THE RACE!”

    If that is true, what is the purpose of you employing fascist rhetoric and technique on a motorcycling blog? Have you taken the time to appreciate the many wretched gems from your latest such as (emphasis added):

    “Lord save us from the petty dictators currently in the process of F-ing up our whole world for the sake of their obsession with control.”

    How about this vile beauty:

    “Its [sic] a waste of breath talking to such people, they are to be shunned and ostracized by all genuine warm blooded [sic] human beings, for the sake of our survival as a species.” :)

    Or this denigrating diamond in the chicken scratch:

    “These complainers are obviously corporate owned weasels obsessed with their power to control everyone and everything around them, always seeking new avenues to project that control onto the rest of the world, which doubtless is the stuff of their wet dreams.”

    And just like that, you went ahead – unprovoked – and exposed yourself as the Lizard (neighborhood weirdo) that you truly are.

    Aaron B. Brown, you can’t get enough of Repsol (multinational oil and gas conglomerate, with humble fascist beginnings) Honda (global manufacturer) rider Marc “Kitchy-Kitchy-Koo” Márquez, can you? For someone who wants to reduce or eliminate the focus on money and corporate influence, you just cannot seem to help yourself when it comes to the talents and agility of the most prominent baby-faced rich kid on the grid. Why is that?

    “…Mark Marquez has the most sensitive bum in the game.”

    Enough said, as you have already said too much.

    “…I don’t buy any of that crap about riders losing their cool, that’s bull sh-t [sic]. What was happening out there, is riders expecting a certain amount of traction from their bikes and their tires, and it simply wasn’t there, as a result of that dusting of sand on the track.”

    Going too hot into a turn and running wide, is going too hot into a turn and running wide. Usually there is a price to pay and it is not cool or the manner of clear-thinking riders — no matter how much of a batsh-t crazy attempt at political subversion you try to make out of it.

    Add one of your Arkham Asylum smilies to that, Aaron B. Brown.

  • 2ndclass

    Jensen, how does running a picture of something other than the race winner preclude your ability to report on the result? I know that I can safely visit MotoMatters if I’ve not seen the result as it merely has a generic header for the results, and a meaningful headline for the summary that provides some detail without giving the game away. That means I can them my traffic on a Monday morning if I’ve not been able to keep track of the race weekend and read Friday and Saturday summaries and see qualifying results without spoilers. Autoblog manages something similar with their F1 coverage.

    You talk about people not having the self-control not to stay offline for a few hours, but these are international races in a world championship. Here in Australia, they’re often on at 1 or 2 in the morning, realistically people who can’t watch them live aren’t going to see the race for maybe 18hrs.

    I really fail to see how a simple change such as putting a generic photo from the race weekend (a pic of the grid, the track etc etc) is stopping you from reporting the news. Personally, the attitude of “we’re here to report the news, if you don’t like race spoilers, too bad”, given how small a change was needed, is what drove me from reading Jalopnik.

  • Ricky

    Oh jeez another whiner.