Here at Asphalt & Rubber, we miss Casey Stoner racing in the MotoGP Championship. That may not be the most popular opinion, especially with MotoGP fans, as the Australian never really warmed up to being in the spotlight, dealing with the prying questions of the press and demands of fans. Casey called things the way he saw it, and always strived for more on the track — and this ruffled many, as they viewed his words as complaints instead of his pursuit of perfection.

As critical of himself as he was of the machinery, tracks, and other riders, Stoner raced on a different level. There is an understanding of motorcycle racing dynamics in the two-time World Champion’s mind that few GP racers can match, and the proof of that is in Stoner’s results. It is this understanding the HRC hopes to tap into whenever they have they Aussie test a machine for them.

Taking to the Twin Ring Circuit in Motegi, for yet another test with Honda, Stoner rode back-to-back an early iteration of the 2014 Honda RC213V as well as the 2014 Honda RCV1000R “production racer” that non-MSMA teams will race next season. We have 26 high-resolution photos of Casey on these bikes after the jump, for your viewing pleasure.













Photos: Repsol Media

  • So does the production racer and 2014 RCV still have an exposed rear wheel speed sensor cable? ;)

  • CrankyHippo

    I would love to see a Stoner vs. Marquez battle… A man can dream

  • smoke

    Julian, the proof is in the 1st picture after the text.

  • Yeeha! Stephen

    OK all you sticklers for detail… how do you tell the bikes apart? Inquiring minds ya’ know.

  • MP

    Hey Yaaha! Not sure if this is the answer, but in a few shots, you can see the bike is rocking Nissin Brakes. I suspect that’s the 1000R and the RC2013V would have Brembos.

  • MP

    YeeHa! sorry.

  • ervgopwr

    MP is correct. RCV213 has decal that says it below Repsol on the fairing. 1000R is just black fairing with Nissin brakes.

    Also most curious that they haven’t created a little shroud/cover for the TC on right rear swing arm. Obviously no one else is on the track with the testing, but still. Will the same exposure be allowed for the next race for DP or MM? In the first picture it’s clearly there waiting to be damaged.

    Casey looks happy. Titles in the bag, getting out for a little spin. That’s some good living.

  • Yeeha Stephen

    “Casey looks happy. Titles in the bag, getting out for a little spin. That’s some good living…”

    Your own private track day on the baddest bike in the land. Whoot!

    I’d need a few Buds standing-by just so I could rub it in their faces! And then partake in a few Buds after… if ya’ know what I mean.

    Daydreams from Deep in the Heart of Texas

  • Motobell

    COME BACK YOU IDIOT! You are denying your fans the greatest talent field in history of all racing. Watching Casey beat a bike into submission is breathtaking

  • Nick


    PLEASE come back and beat Marquez [and everyone behind him]!!!


    – everyone

  • Matt

    Somebody can correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the RCV1000r supposed to use Showa suspension?

  • Would be real nice to see Honda can Pedrosa and hire Casey back… Get back in the ring and see what you got

  • Brandon Grosstueck

    To Yeha!Steven: the RCV factory has a gaping oval intake up front, the production RCV1000R has split intake holes like the current RCV.

  • SBPilot

    Cool. I’m glad the front end has a different intake design so viewers will be able to identify the bikes easily . I’m actually quite happy to see Honda putting so much effort in their RCV1000R, it’s going to be a serious machine, and with the right rider with the rules changes, there maybe some serious surprises next year.

  • Bruce Monighan

    The guy looks happy and thin. Lots of racers put on the pounds after they stop racing . Look at RC, man that guy added a few pounds when he got in a race car.

    I think Marquez not only rides like Casey, has a mind like Casey, he kinda looks like him too.

    Casey’s personality never bothered me. He was a racer, intent on burying the comeptition and he suffered no fools. Mick Doohan was a lot like that too, and Mat Maldin. Odd kind of because the Aussies are know as easy going fun loving folks, but put them on a race bike and they are going to bury you.

    I will bet that Casey wants a race against Marquez as much as we do, he is just not willing to put up with the Dorna circus to do it. Would not suprise me to find out that he has asked for a private “test day” at the same time and location as Marquez. Bragging rights from a day like that.

  • Justin

    Thanks for the pics & just a little request
    Is there no way to add a next function when you folks provide pics like these?

    Always great pics & love them but having to always reverse back to main page to view next pic is a small hassle.
    Just asking :)

    But thanks again for the great pics & story

  • pooch

    feelin’ like crying…i miss #27

  • TexusTim

    well I hope casey’s days of racing are not over…would be great to see him spank marquez, someone needs to spank that kid right away…cmon 27 we the fans miss you, do it for us and put all the politics behind you.

  • taikebo

    this is the video of Stoner testing Honda production racer

  • BKP

    I lightened up a pic of the new prototype. The difference in intake design from the production racer Casey is riding in the video above is clear.