Nicky Hayden’s Drive M7 Aspar Team MotoGP Livery

02/25/2014 @ 4:13 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


The 2014 season marks a new chapter for American Nicky Hayden, as he switches back to Honda machinery for the upcoming MotoGP Championship. After toiling away at Ducati for the past five seasons, the former World Champion will ride with Team Aspar on HRC’s Open Class race bike, the Honda RCV1000R.

The moves means a switch from red to green livery, though considering the paint scheme chosen by the Drive M7 Aspar Team, we doubt you will have a hard time spotting Nicky on the starting grid. Just in case, we have a few high-resolution photos of Nicky Hayden, and his teammate Hiroshi Aoyama, after the jump.

“It is a new season and a new challenge for me but I am healthy and very excited. I have been very impressed with Mr. Aspar and his professionalism – it’s clear he really wants results and is behind all his guys,” said Hayden.

“I think it’s great we have a new sponsor and one of such a high level as Drive M7. Not only is it good for us, I think it’s good for all of MotoGP to see new sponsors coming from different parts of the world and this can be great for the future.”

“The challenge of competing as an open bike and the new rules will be interesting to see how it all plays out and if it really will become the future of MotoGP. The first test we were not as competitive as we need to be but I trust HRC will help us very soon and find us more power,” the Kentucky Kid added.

“I must get everything out of this new test to learn the bike and the new team and be ready to for the opener in Qatar. I have great fans and great sponsors and hope I can make them proud this year.”










Source: Team Aspar

  • Bob

    Nice Paint Scheme , hell we might even see it on the TV if it’s quick enough to get near the front of the race , i am surprised it was so far off the lap times in testing .

  • Ax1464


  • Good luck Nicky… but what the heck Nazri Aziz doing there?

  • meatspin

    i always thought motogp bikes ran out of traction way before they ran out of power. Did HRC neuter the bike that much?

  • Pinktoe

    Nick does not look too happy in most of these pics.

  • David

    Sweeeeeetttt…..I’m glad to see crappy worn out jeans,just like I wear,are part of the team uniform!

  • Crumplefoot

    David – he’s probably paying top dollar for those pre-distressed jeans.

    Those tears you got for free from doing things, probably cost $450 on designer jeans.

  • Peter G

    Ax1464 .. ” Drivel “….. that’s what I thought as well.

    I wish Nicky all the best, but, it’s been 10 years since he won a race . !

  • MotoSoup

    Those sure aren’t Ducati models in the background.

  • Norm G.

    re: “we doubt you will have a hard time spotting Nicky on the starting grid”

    right then, take a picture, it’ll last longer. in their battle with Dorna, Honda’s assured once the lights go out you won’t be seeing much of him.