Video: Jorge Lorenzo Gardening at Valencia

01/22/2014 @ 2:22 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS


Is Jorge Lorenzo the best racer in MotoGP right now? The topic is certainly open to debate, despite Marc Marquez winning the 2013 MotoGP Championship — after all, Lorenzo won more races than Marquez, and brought the championship to a final round decision, despite his mid-season shoulder injuries.

Wherever you fall on that side of the argument, you have to respect the young Spaniard’s two-wheel ability, as he is doing what he does on a clearly under-matched machine to HRC’s Honda RC213V.

Between the prodigy that is Marquez, and the power that is the Honda, it surprises us to see that Jorge has time in his busy schedule to help with the gardening at the various circuits. He’s just a class act like that.

A special shout out to the Dorna marketing department for making this video embeddable on third party sites…as it should be. The “I thought only Honda made lawnmowers” jokes start in 3..2..1..

Source: MotoGP (YouTube) via AutoEvolution

  • L2C

    That was seriously impressive.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    and that’s why I’m a fan.

    These guys are amazing.

  • Jonathan

    I would not refer to the M1 as “clearly undermatched”. Especially now with the seamless transmission. If that were the case then it would have been Honda 1 and 2 at Motegei. Marquez and Pedrosa were both pushing hard that day too.

  • I don’t think you would find anyone in the MotoGP paddock who would say that the M1 is as capable as the RC213V.

  • Jonathan

    I would say it’s dependent on each individual track. I agree that the Honda would probably fair better overall, but it’s close.

  • In 2012, you could make the distinction of “Honda tracks” and “Yamaha tracks” but in 2013 that adage didn’t hold up to scrutiny.

    The fact is, the Yamaha’s chassis isn’t as good as it once was (it only suits Lorenzo’s brake-early style), and the bike is still the least powerful on the grid. Meanwhile Honda has made great strides on its chassis, and still has a power advantage.

  • Jw

    I will reserve speculation knowing that anything can happen in 14. To be fair JL has as good a chance as anyone. I hope they all can be free of injury and fight the good fight.

  • H.L.

    Honda’s superior chassis is what allowed Marquez to get away with his sometimes sloppy, aggressive, brake late style. The chassis enabled him to recover quickly from mistakes and taking bad racing lines. The inferior Yamaha chassis makes Lorenzo be more technical and being technical takes discipline.

  • bemer2six

    We will adapt, improvise, overcome and take the fight to Honda and MM in 2014. Its what JL and Yamaha does best…. Is Jorge the best pilot in MGP Time will tell. MHO

  • Will

    Annnnnnnnnnd it’s been taken down by Dorna.

  • TKM

    Ya, cheers to Dorna. LOL.

    (video blocked on this website)

  • BBQdog

    Thanks Dorna …… pffff ….

  • Fuc&ing Dorna and they bullshit. I’m so sick of their crap and not allowing videos to be embedded.
    What do they hope to achieve?
    I unsubscribed from their channel

  • Damn

    Dorna’s MotoGPAY. 42 seconds is to much??? i can understand that a whole race wil be deleated but 42 seconds? thats a short period of time, ezpeleza dont even make that time with his wife

  • smiler

    Dorna are applying the same idea to wsbk. 2 mins of free video a month plus hours of Spanish relaed content

    The idea that the Honda and Yam were even last year is really not true. When did Yam add the new clutch, over half way through the season and the Ymahahaha is clearly slower than the HHonda.
    If JLhad taken it easier, early on then I reckon he could have beaten Merguez.

    Next year – 2 horse race. Off to WSBK.

  • Sean in Oz

    That was it???