Here’s the New Configuration of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Infield Track for MotoGP

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For 2014, Indianapolis Motor Speedway has reconfigured its infield track for its hosting of the Indianapolis GP for the MotoGP Championship — this much you should already know. I won’t rehash details, but the three-bullet primer to the changes afoot is that the track is slightly longer, has improved passing zones in three reworked areas (highlighted in yellow), and will be made of one consistent asphalt layer.

To the casual eye, the infield course at IMS looks pretty much the same, and for the most part it is; however, at the T2-T3-T4, T7-T8, & T15-T16 turn complexes, the track has been made to flow better for passing, and to improve rider safety (these turns were the main crash zones in previous Indy Grand Prix).

Still run counter-clockwise, opposite of the infield IndyCar course that runs a slightly different 14-turn configuration, the hope is that this new track layout (built with input from Dorna and GP riders) will be the final configuration change for Indianapolis Motor Speedway infield.

Indy has been quick to tell us though that if the new layout needs further adjustments or reworking, that effort will be considered and possibly undertaken, but we shouldn’t hold our breath for a ground-up redesign of the infield course. With one consistent type of asphalt throughout the infield though, MotoGP riders should be pretty pleased when they come to Indy next year.

Source: IMS