MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa Signs with HRC Thru 2016

07/09/2014 @ 3:23 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


The 2014 MotoGP Silly Season is rapidly closing, as HRC has announced the re-signing of Dani Pedrosa through the 2016 season in the MotoGP Championship. This means that Pedrosa will have at least 16 consecutive seasons with the factory Honda team to his name, where thus far he has been three-times the bridesmaid (once behind Casey Stoner, and twice behind Jorge Lorenzo).

HRC’s move solidifies the Repsol Honda team’s all-Spanish rider lineup, and quells any rumors of Pedrosa making a move to the Suzuki Racing project, which will reemerge into GP racing for the 2015 season. Pedrosa was never a likely candidate for Suzuki, though the Spanish rider’s presence surely would have signalled the level of seriousness that the Japanese OEM was giving the MotoGP World Championship.

The news also nixes any possibility for HRC to poach Jorge Lorenzo, another idea not given heavy thought, though would have left Yamaha Racing in a very precarious position in terms of championship contention. Lorenzo is now expected to re-sign with Yamaha, where like Valentino Rossi, he will continue for the coming MotoGP seasons.

“I’m very happy to be able to announce my renewal with the Repsol Honda Team, and grateful to Honda for the trust they have shown in me for a further two years,” said Pedrosa. “It’s the best way for me to continue in my racing career, together with the company I was with in my very first race. I am very excited to give my 100% and continue to work together with everyone at Honda Racing Corporation.”

“We are very pleased to renew our contract with Dani. He is enjoying a very strong season and is currently tied with Rossi in the Championship, we are very happy with his performance,” add HRC Executive Vice President Shuhei Nakamoto. The partnership of Dani and Marc has proven to be successful and we look forward to another two years of success.”

Source: HRC; Photo: © 2014 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • L2C

    Yep, good news!

  • conrice

    So much for a silly season.

  • David

    He probably is the best test rider out there who can help MM win more championships.

  • Westward

    If Lorenzo was a bit more competitive, It would not have been such an easy decision for HRC. I believe Marquez may have broken Lorenzo for good. We may see him either retire, or take Ducati up on their offer to mask his decline so that history blames it on the bike and not the pilot…

    Champion of Attrition…

  • Dan

    So, with Pedrosa at Honda and Rossi re-signing at Yamaha

    Lorenzo re-signs Yamaha
    Andrea stays at Ducati
    Cal stays at Ducati

    any takers on that bet?

  • JW


    Nope, I say JL breaks away, he cannot reconcile himself with the bike, the marriage is over.

    Congrats to DP this news is good news and a wise choice for Honda overall.

  • Alclab


    I agree that Lorenzo will re-sign with Yamaha, and Dovi stays at Ducati, but i Think Ducati is going All-Italian with the two Andreas riding factory (Dovizioso and Iannone that is), Cal possibly moving to Suzuki.

    The other new Suzuki rider is going to be very interesting, as well as seeing where Aleix Espargaró ends, as he’s hot property right now. Pol will almost certainly stay at Tech 3 at least for another season.

  • Kev_71

    Cal will stay with Ducati for the $ (although I would love to see Iannone in his spot)
    Pol and Smith stay
    Suzuki = Aleix and Bautista (would rather see Aleix at Tech3 and Smith to Suzuki)

  • BBQdog

    @Dan: Crutchlow goes to Suzuki ??

  • Damn

    mm/dp honda
    vr/jl yamaha
    ad/ai ducati
    ae/pe tech3 i hope
    cc/ae suz i think ae wil join suz so he has a factory bike.

  • Dan

    I find it really hard to believe that Cal will leave for Suzuki. Leave one uncompetitive bike for another? And I think he knows Gigi enough to give him a crack at next years bike.

  • Dan

    I doubt Crutchlow will leave Ducati for Suzuki, that’s one uncompetitive bike for another. Also, I think he know Gigi enough to give him a crack at the 2015 bike. Breaking contracts, even if it has a clause in it, is generally frowned upon.

  • Dan

    crap. stupid comment button

  • sue bee honey butter


  • DuckDuckBang

    more like the sensible season, i don’t see much movement at all.. teams need to take some chances, some gambles. but there is really not much opportunity.

    sigh at having pedrosa waste the best seat in the house for ANOTHER two years..