Cal Crutchlow is to miss the Argentinian round of MotoGP at the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit. The Factory Ducati rider is still recovering from surgery on the hand he injured during the race at Austin, and is not yet fit enough to race. Crutchlow will be replaced by Ducati test rider Michele Pirro in Argentina.

After his crash at Austin, Crutchlow was originally diagnosed with just a dislocated little finger on his right hand. However, when the swelling on the hand refused to subside, Crutchlow went in for further scans on his right hand in California. There it was found that the finger was still dislocated and was also broken.

Crutchlow had surgery to insert a  pin into the broken bone to stabilize it. Despite that operation, the 28-year-old Englishman’s hand is still swollen, and is in too much pain for him to be competitive. Instead, Crutchlow will fly home to the Isle of Man to continue his recovery, and will prepare for his return at Jerez.

In a press release issued today by the Factory Ducati team, Crutchlow was quoted as saying “I am very sad to let the team down like this because I was really looking forward to racing in Argentina. On Tuesday I had some scans on my hand and we saw that my finger was still dislocated from the crash and also broken so Dr. Chao decided to put a pin in to stabilize it.”

Unfortunately I’m still feeling too much pain in my right hand, my knuckles are the most painful part and I’m not in condition to race this weekend. Now I’m going back to the UK to continue treatment and try and get ready for the race at Jerez,” he added.

Source: Ducati Corse; Photo: © 2014 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • Craig

    Get well Cal!
    Get back and give that Duc a true thrashing!


  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    That must be one super painful pinky finger. It must kill like an MFer.

    I’m not criticizing him one bit…but look at Lorenzo, Pedrosa last season, Edwards a few years ago–racing to the podium with broken collar bones.

    Marquez this year–winning with a broken leg.

    Rossi–winning with a broken leg, still on crutches.

    Moto2 Scott Reading riding hurt.

    Moto3 kid (Vinales?)–winning with a broken foot.

    When doesn’t Hayden race without pins in a wrist or ankle or something. I don’t know how that guy gets through airport metal detectors.

    And that’s only recent history. The list goes on and on.

    A broken pinky? I’m not going to criticize but I wonder what the other riders are thinking.

  • highside specialist

    @chaz, yeah, but it’s his right hand and if that thing’s the size of a watermelon and not able to get in a glove, waddaya gonna do. If you’re hand is that blown up and tender, it could be really hard to work the nuances of the throttle of a GP bike, unless of course, it’s just crack it open and let the electronics do it.

  • sebastian lee

    all professional riders at some point will/should remove their pinkies. (think Bradley smith/ john hopkins)
    although one might argue John hopkins to be by now 80% anatomically endoskeleton.

    its redundant and most often tend to be vulnerable to breaking in crashes.

    they really have to work harder to design gloves that can better protect rider’s pinkies i guess.

  • paulus

    Come on Cal.

    Don’t let the side down. There are fixes available… and the option of riding through pain.
    Duct tape is what this is for :)
    Just suck it up and get a few points.

  • mrbryanamarshall

    If you can’t fix it using duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape.

  • Flying plum

    Chaz – be fair, Cal has a history of riding through th pain and doing superhuman things with injury – silverstone in 2012 springs to mind. If this is too painful to ride with, then it is – and probably more because it’s dangerous being his right hand than anything else. Though, I also heard mentioned that they’ve changed the tiles on pain relief during races this year – no injections, sp perhaps harder to deal with?

  • Westward

    The real tid bit to take from this story, is if you are injured in Texas, get air lifted to the nearest hospital in California. If I’m not mistaken, a first aid kit in TX consists of a six pack of beer, a 72 oz. piece of raw beef, and a bandana….

  • MeatyBeard
  • @DaveMinella

    My first thought was “Cut it off!” and I see I was beaten by Sebastian Lee. I am also a proponent of digit removal for motorbike racers.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    I said I wasn’t criticizing him. It’s not what I demand of him. (btw, I didnt’ know they changed the rules on pain relief). If it hurts like hell then it does. No complaints coming from me. And it’s true he’s ridden in pain lots of times in the past. But the past is the past.

    However, if you think Ducati and/or the other riders and teams agree with you…well, I wouldn’t be so sure.

    Lorenzo too–he’s also missing part of a digit.

  • Conrice

    @MeatyBeard – Good Lord, what else is going to go wrong for him? 2 DNFs and a DNS at the first 3 rounds in his GP career….

  • L2C

    I’m definitely not interested in four-fingered MotoGP riders. They’re cartoonish enough already with five fingers. Imagine Cal “Popeye” Crutchlow or Marc “The Joker” Márquez with four fingers. Nope, no way, that’s not for me. Phooey!

    And Gigi Dall’Igna already fits the Doonesbury mold. Just sayin’.

  • Mark

    To all the suggestions of removing the pinky; even though done in jest, you need your pinky to have use of your hand. Your pinky, index-middle-ring, and thumb are all on different circuits. You can make due without one of the index-middle-ring (pretty handily) but lose your pinky or your thumb and you lost use of your hand.

  • Bob

    I hope he hasn’t caught the Spies disease.

  • MikeG81

    Mick Doohan sends his regards.

  • Campisi

    “If I’m not mistaken, a first aid kit in [America] consists of a six pack of beer, a 72 oz. piece of raw beef, and a bandana…”

    … And it’ll cost you fifteen grand, because America.

  • crshnbrn

    Flying plum said: “Cal has a history of riding through th pain and doing superhuman things with injury – silverstone in 2012 springs to mind. If this is too painful to ride with, then it is – and probably more because it’s dangerous being his right hand than anything else.”

    Agreed! If Crutchlow brakes with his index and middlefinger, then that leaves his thumb, ring finger and pinky to work the throttle while under braking. Now subtract the pinky, consider top speeds around 200 MPH on a motorcycle producing somewhere around 260 HP with a reputation for a vague feeling from the front end. I’ll cut the man some slack on his call not to race. Truly better to be safe than sorry. I can be patient. I’ll wait for Crutchlow to be 100% to impress me, again.