Stan Dibben, No Ordinary Passenger

10/14/2013 @ 9:37 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


With all the negative attention that motorcycling has been receiving in the mainstream consciousness lately, we are looking at you Hollywood Stuntz, we thought it would be prudent to highlight some positive press our beloved sport has received recently. As such, here is a great video-short by the New York Times that features Stan Dibben, winner of the World Sidecar Championship in 1953.

Mr. Dibben personifies just about every sidecar driver and passenger we have ever met: brazen, fearless, and slightly daft. You would have to be a combination of those three elements to do the things sidecar racers do on the motorway, even more so to do it on 1950’s machinery. Take seven minutes from your day, and enjoy this well done production from the NY Times.

Source: New York Times

  • smiler

    Top Banana. He is 13, counting down from 100.

    The modern footage was taken at Mallory. A circuit since the 50’s that some residents are trying to get closed, why? Because it is too noisy.

    Love that oversized table tennis ball on his head.

  • Chad

    This man is inspirational. I hope that I have the same strength of spirit when I reach his age.

    One of the many things that I love about motorcycling, is the colorful array of loonies that you meet out there while traveling by bike.

    Thanks for posting. This is great content!!

  • David

    Great find very inspirational and uplifting.

  • Brendan

    Great to see some positive stories for a change!
    Thanks Jensen! :)

  • paulus

    Well done, fella!

  • NEiL

    I mean this in the nicest possible way, what a nutbar!
    Top story, keep up the good work A&R.

  • Neil

    Cheers Mate….
    You inspire us all……..

  • jimboecv

    Always say ‘yes’ – brilliant.
    Had me smiling the whole time