As a member of the Nintendo-generation, nothing tickles my fancy more than to see an homage to some of the classics, and for motorcyclists is there any title more prolific than Excitebike? I think not. So it warms my gamer hearts to see that Red Bull has explored the idea of a real-life Excitebike course with its “straight rhythm” project.

Red Bull says that the course is “an innovative evolution of supercross where a track is ‘unwound’ — there are no turns, just a half-mile-long straight rhythm section. By isolating the whoops, triples, doubles, table tops and step on/offs, riders must focus exclusively on reading the terrain directly in front of them, correctly judging their speed for precise distance and control.”

To us, it looks like the energy drink company is hoping to make the Red Bull Straight Rhythm a new type of racing spectacle, and is using names like James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Jessy Nelson, Cole Seely, and Justin Bogle to hock the new course format. Check it out after the jump, and be sure to pick who you are rooting for before they get started.

Jessy Nelson - Action


(L-R) Marvin Musquin and Ryan Dungey - Action

Jessy Nelson - Action



(L-R) Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin - Action

(L-R) Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin - Action

(L-R) James Stewart and Malcolm Stewart - Action

Ryan Dungey - Action

Source: Red Bull via Autoblog; Photos: ¬© 2013 Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool — All Rights Reserved

  • Dan


  • Singletrack

    The high speed/superslomo video is incredible.
    It really lets you appreciate the talent of these guys.

    Now for some suggestions to improve the event.

    Put a 180 at the end, and another full section of obstacles all the way back to the start to create an endless loop. and let a bunch of guys on at the same time to race.
    Then, add some switch-back sections, and build the course inside a football stadium so 10’s of thousands of people could easily watch all the action. Now then you’d have a sporting event worth watching.

  • article dan

    Looks like a loada fun they make it look easy tho id just crash on the first jump lol. also looks like that trials evolution game on xbox360. Sick game

  • Ward

    Anytime you can mimic Excitebike in real life I am supportive.

  • Jon

    Only thing they’re missing is a 20 foot high platform that you just drop off the edge of ;) I like it. I think it’d be a cool exhibition/cash race to do kind of like the Monster Energy Cup. Get all the riders out and do an elimination like they do in drag racing.