Here’s Your Feel-Good Moment for the Day

11/03/2013 @ 2:46 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


In our quest to bring you stories that show motorcyclists in a positive light, we bring you this feel-good video of one street-biker doing his daily good deed. Kudos to this street-biker. Beers are on us, if we ever meet up. Thanks for the tip Rose!

Source: YouTube

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  • alex


    This guy gets a six pack from me.

  • These kind of good deeds
    is what really makes a difference,
    not only for the person in need,
    but for humanity in general.
    I absolutely love this video.
    Jensen thank you very much for sharing this with us.
    I appreciate it!

  • Kevin Robb

    Its the little things in life that puts your faith back in humanity, well done that man.

  • Paulo

    GOOD JOB!!

  • MikeL

    And then a cop pulled him over for having non-OEM turn signals and wrote 3 other tickets for whatever he could think of…and kept him on the side of the road for 40 minutes.

  • Kevin Robb

    Name and Shame that cop! :-P

  • proudAmerican

    Great video.

    Then, some jackhole like MikeL decides to go on an anti-cop crusade…

  • tony

    3 thoughts…

    1- on a mudered out pos kawasaki no less!
    2-woulda been badass if he hoiked a big wheelie after that…
    3- i once saved a womans cup of coffee from off her roof as she was drivin down the road-does that count?

    mad props to this dude, btw…have a safe and wonderful sunday eveyone !!

  • Good job!!

  • ted

    It’s the little things in life like this, that count the most towards a life well lived.

    Thanks for posting this, and kudos to the biker for an inspirational video !


  • Laura

    Love to see the awesomeness of most riders! We should publish more of these.

  • Halfie30

    I watch this guys Vlogs a lot. Seems like a nice, down to earth type dude. Pretty funny too. Thanks for posting!

  • jkedsnake

    Thats bakerXderek I watch his Vlogs as well, he is a good person, the dude rode arround handling out water to homeless people on a hot ass day in San Bernardino.

    The dude deserves some new fairings for all his good deeds.

  • paulus

    Well done. Breaking down stereotypes.

  • Jordan Goodison

    Cheers mate, made my day of studying for finals much more bearable.

    Speaking of, I think a qualitative survey of egalitarian attitudes of a random sample of motorcycle riders would be interesting!

    Here in Australia, the Queensland government has been cracking down on bikies. As it stands, you could be pulled over with 2 of your mates going for a Sunday ride. There have been recent reports of sportbike riders and yes, even scooters being pulled over on suspicion. A rider was pulled over for having a sons of anarchy merch shirt. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs now, riders are being encouraged to ‘phone ahead’ when going for rides with their mates.

    I would encourage you Jenson Beeler to write an article about this! – watched this the other night, the guy on the right is a little bit conservative, but I was shouting at the television in agreement by the end…

  • Norm G.

    re: “The dude deserves some new fairings for all his good deeds.”

    i’m thinking superleggera. charitable is as charitable does.

  • MikeD

    There’s still FAITH on the Human Race. LOL.

    But seriously now, here a BAG OF COOL/SWAG for that fine gentleman. I sure sure hope that chic called KARMA has something good in store for such a kind person in short term. (^_^)

  • ryu600rr

    *salute to you

  • Kaw4Life

    How the hell wouldn’t! I pitty the fool that didn’t!

    Nice work Brother!

  • DHill

    Are those dangling D-rings? If so please utilize them from here on out. We need to preserve your particular species.

  • D

    We salute you !!!!!!

  • Kevin Robb