Keith Code: The Art of Cornering

03/11/2014 @ 11:39 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


Keith Code is right, riding a motorcycle is all about learning the art of cornering. Any idiot can grip a ton of throttle, and blast down a straightaway; but when it comes to tipping a bike over into the corner entry, hitting the apex, and gassing out of the exit, a bit more finesse is required.

That is why the California Superbike School curriculum focuses so much on taking a motorcycle through a race track corner. Making a short video at the Willow Springs Raceway, Code gives a preview into his classroom and two-wheeled philosophy.

It’s an interesting watch, even if it is a glorified commercial. After all, we are pretty sure the “Twist of the Wrist” author has forgotten more about motorcycle control than we will ever learn.

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  • L2C

    Should be a series.

  • Beautifully produced but essentially a slick advert for Keith Code’s Code R.A.C.E. racing school. That being said, had I the time or resources, I’d be looking for registration forms and planning a pilgrimage. Best brochure ever.

  • FafPak

    @Stephan Park
    Do it! They tour the country and might be at a track near you. I’ll be doing levels I & II this May at Virginia International Raceway. Been planning it out for 2 years. Finally gonna make it happen.

  • 999

    Keith-Confucius say: too much brap makes bones snap

  • mkh

    Mr.Code is as eloquent and charming as he always is. Awesome video, make me wanna sign up .

  • Rolo Tommassi

    Don’t brake until you see L. Ron!

  • tony

    coach Kieth is one of the sweetest and baddest men in biking. especially when he pulls a handbrake turn in his flash new 7series and scares the pants off my little brother at acs fontana last month!

    we’ve been also lucky to meet the orozco family, and their guidance and support has been awesome. and coach gerry is also a champ- thats him in the beginning of the vid.

    only wish they had a few more students in the movie- like maybe myself…afterall, i passed 2 riders on bmw’s in 1 turn at last oct’s streets class. (on the outside on my 15yr old fireblade no less!) they say it’s not the bike, it’s the rider. i say, it’s both! working together in harmony- i think keith would approve of that…

  • Bash

    @ FafPak
    I’ll also be at Virginia International Raceway in May for levels 3 & 4. Got hooked after doing 1 & 2 at Willow Springs last yr. Coming all the way from Western Canada.

  • Shinigami

    Yes, the Scientology flavored phrases Mr. Code has devised are a little creepy to the well informed Scientology critic, but he’s still a very effective teacher. Have applied his lessons on every single ride.

  • CrisCo

    I’ve taken Level 1 & 2 of CSS. Best riding days I have ever had. Still chasing the feeling of getting it right on NJMP. If you get the chance, go. Ride your own bike for level 1. Ride the BMW after that, you’ll laugh out of every corner.

  • AGP

    I have done the school 12 times already – I still do level 4 each year at the beginning of the season as a refresher. I could not recommend it more, it is still the best, most professionally run, most effective track training you can get.