I haven’t been to Detroit since the financial apocalypse, but what I’ve heard from friends isn’t good. A mass exodus of industry, commerce, and residents have left gapping holes in the city’s landscape, which are now filled with empty factories, abandoned shops, and boarded up houses.

There is hope for Motown, but its revival will be a trickle compared to the flash flood that personified its collapse. If there is an upside to this story, and I am reluctant to phrase what I am about to say in that way, it is that there has been a creation of post-apocolyptic backdrops for creative types to use and build upon.

Enter today’s video escape. A custom bike is built, and what a better place to film a unique video than in Packard’s abandoned industrial plant. The cops probably have better things to do than stop a little two-wheeled hooning; and besides, in these neighbors, the first rule is don’t talk to the police. We know you secretly have wanted to do donuts on a five-story building’s roof before, don’t try to lie about it. Thanks for the tip Bhupi!

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  • kww

    not quite sure, but I think they filmed it with an iPhone…

  • Grumpy Goat

    As much fun as this sounds, having a pistol stuck in your face by a ‘resident’ of the Packard plant isn’t any fun. Scrappers, homeless people and those trying to make a score are just some of the fun people you may run into. Police? the DPD is understaffed, so if you DO get into trouble, you’ll be waiting half an hour or more for any assistance.

    Oh, and do try NOT to fall through the rotting floors of the building. My friend James did just that.

  • Bill

    Cool video. Sad state of affairs in Detroit.

  • paulus

    this confirms the belief, it does not matter what or where you ride… just ride.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    As a former Detroiter (born, raised), Jensen you have something very incorrect. Detroit’s collapse was not overnight. Abandonned buildings, burned out homes, unbelievable violent crime rates, corruption, and a cityscape that most ressembles post WWII Germany–ya, that happened over a long drawn out, slow aching tortuous period of time. Most Detroiters would mark the beginning of the end at 1967 when the race riots happened. Detroit has been a bombed out hell hole for more than 40 years and it’s more to do with white flight and racial hatred (Coleman Young, you’re to blame too) than it has to do with anything else.

    Let’s not confuse Detroit with the suburbs that surround Detroit–all of which are very nice, several of which are among the 10 ten safest cities in the United States.

    Also, I can’t find anything hip or cool about paroozing the ruins of Detroit. Why don’t you guys do that in Fresno, Modesto, or Stockton if its so cool.

  • gabe

    Meaow!!! CMM…don’t let the facts get in the way of a cool story!!

    Jensen does say that his information is second hand. I am sure a short article can’t even begin to describe a complex event such as the socio-economic problems of Detroit City.

    Such is the danger of “internet journalism”…pontificating from a desk far away doesn’t quite get to the core of things.

    If we tried doing this in California there is a high possibility of getting shot by a LEO.

  • meatspin

    i’ve been studying the decay and downfall of this city ever since i heard that the silverdome sold for a half million. Call it morbid curiosity. It is a complex set of circumstances that lead to this and it strikes me as so sad.

    i click around on google streetview and some parts are depressing and some parts dont seem too bad. There does seem to be large stretches though that looks like rows and rows of abandoned houses.

    i’m glad this link is on Vimeo cause Utube sucks for me right now.

    Also, how did they do that pullback shot at the end? That was the best part.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Also, how did they do that pullback shot at the end? That was the best part.”

    drone ‘copter.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    @meatspin–The Silverdome is in Pontiac, 30 miles from Detroit, off I-75. The Silverdome has always sucked. It was fitting the Lions played there.

  • Tom

    Been there, done that! Detroit is a great urban exploration venue. Just watch out for physical hazards, like over protective crackheads with guns.

  • Oh hey, it’s Fabrizio. I know that guy.

  • On a side not, a few buddies and I used to do this a lot. We referred to it as “ghetto-cross”.