Ducati Helps You Wake Up with DesmoTime

12/23/2013 @ 1:34 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


If you are like me, you dread the moment when your alarm clock jolts you to life with its slumber-shattering tones – there is nothing I hate more than an early morning wake up, unless a Sunday Morning Ride is attached to it…and even then I will have some under-the-covers curses to say before I embrace the morning. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

Understanding that not all motorcyclists are morning people, and that others like to have a little bit more Desmo on their smartphones, Ducati has put together an alarm and timer iPhone application that features, you guessed it, the engine sounds of its motorcycles.

Ducati has also made the “DesmoTime” app function like a tabletop clock, complete with weather conditions, in case you want to show off your affinity for the Bologna brand at your office.┬áThe Italian motorcycle brand says that new dashes and sounds will be added to the app over time, as well. You can download it from the iTunes App Store here.

Source: Ducati

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    Just tried to use this app. No motorcycle sounds unless you “register on the website”, which you go to do and everything is in italian, with no english translation option. I fumblefucked my way through registration (not mobile optimized), and have absolutely no idea what I agreed to in the checkboxes I had to check to submit… I might have just joined Mussolini’s “black shirts”. The conformation email to me was even in italian, despite the fact that I selected “USA” when I registered.

    The app will not make any sound if your phone is in silent mode (unlike every other alarm clock app which will of course override silent mode to make sure you wake up), so if you decide to depend on this app to wake up, remember to switch your audio on.

    Additionally, the repeat feature will only allow you to set repeat for a specific day, not “everyday”.

    If anyone from Ducati, or the agency they probably paid way too much to do this, I can only say… “C’mon. C’mon. C’mon!!! C’MON!!!!!!!!”. And also a request to please test this stuff before you release it with the Ducati name on it.

  • ML

    Uhh, hmm…

    I guess I’ll download it and give it a shot. Might as well make use of this iPad I got as a gift a while back.

  • Kevin C

    Hopefully its coming for Android. I’m one of *those* that likes to wake up early….there’s just something about that early morning air.

  • ZMoto

    I read this and got pretty excited. Then I downloaded it to my iPhone. It was on there for maybe 90 seconds before I deleted it. Half of it is in Italian (despite telling it I wanted English), and you have to register with Ducati.com to get access to any of the recorded engine noises as alarms. Oh, and why does it want location services enabled?

    Try again.

  • FranktheTank

    I haven’t tried it yet but I am assuming it wants your location so it can provide you weather services like Beeler stated it has above. Or maybe Ducati is trying to get that secret demographic data of those who like motorcycles AND alarm clocks, that’s sensitive information, right.

  • @ frank- ha ha . & I. guess the reason you download the engines – are each are different – some dry / some not – like do you take cream in your morning coffee ZMoto? I ride “dry” thank you! Now I gotta remember my samn password .. spy vs spy

  • @ frank- ha ha . & I. guess the reason you download the engines – are each engine sounds different – some dry / some not – its like do you take cream in your morning coffee ZMoto? … I ride “dry” thank you!
    Now I gotta remember my damn password .. spy vs spy

  • jet

    Long as they don’t have any un-corked harley’s i may have some fun w/ this…..lol

  • Matt

    Does anyone know how I can get this (app???) on Windows 95? That’s all I’ve got.

  • Bern

    Its got a few bugs to work out.
    Not everyone uses metric.
    When I have the alarm set to off I don’t expect it to go off (asking too much?)
    Snooze button is in Italian… Took me forever to figure that one out.
    When it goes off you have to open the app to turn it off. Unlike the iPhone alarm that just gives you a button.

    Ill keep it for a bit but wont use it too much until some of the bugs are gone.

  • Big Mickey

    Re Bern’s comments: wonder if a TSB will be issued to take it into the dealer for a software update with the DDS?

  • sideswipeasaurus

    Now if the would make one for us Honda fans. How about with different alarm sound choices of Honda’s famous race bikes? RC212V, RC211V, NSR500, RC-51, RC-30, and my favorite the RC-166. That’ll get me up!

  • paulus

    If it made the sound of somebody trying to steal my mototrcycle… now that would wake me up!