Yamaha YZF-R3 and More to Debut Next Week?

03/17/2014 @ 6:06 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


Yamaha has setup a teaser website, complete with countdown clock, for a new motorcycle(s) that should break cover next week. With just over eight days on the clock, at the time of this writing, we won’t have to wait long as we speculate to what Yamaha is brewing for us.

The general consensus so far is that we will see the Yamaha YZF-R25 and Yamaha YZF-R3 twin-cylinder sport bikes, which should come in either 250cc or 300cc formats, depending on which country we are talking about. Yamaha teased us with the YZR-R25 concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, and recent trademark filings in the United States and Europe have tipped off the YZF-R3 model.

From Yamaha’s teaser video we get a quick line drawing and head-on render of a sport bike, which looks very close to the R25 model we saw in Tokyo, which helps fuel the small-displacement sport bike fire further. Also seen in the video is some sort of urban maxi-scooter, along with its presumably accompanying engine. More details as we get it.




Source: Revstation

  • M

    so yamaha gets their engines manufactured by lobot on bespin.

  • Certainly will take about five years to get here (Brazil). Maybe take only 1 or 2 to get on US

  • Norm G.

    straight from the TRON laboratories.

  • L2C

    The video was pretty cool. Not sure what was going on though.

  • Westward

    Underneath that head light of the Maxi-Scooter looks peculiar, wonder if its a trike. Also that line drawing, if it is a 250 or 300cc bike, the swingarm looks more sophisticated than its competitors…

  • rd84

    The bike shown head on appears to have two brake lines visible and possibly two discs ? – The new R1 ??

  • BBQdog

    As long as the R25 doesn’t weight 155+ kg like the CBR 250R and the Ninja 250.

  • MikeD

    I didn’t see any Cycles . . . HOWEVER . . . i did see some HOT looking female Androids. (~_^), my apologies . . . i’m a big fan of cyber-punk.

    Seriously, i hope the sport bike is not a PORKER with parts made by me on my backyard, same for the new trike maxi-scooter (wich i doubt we’ll get ).

    Yamaha, make the darn thing a 300 at least , will you ? And if you feel crazy/generous maybe even a 270* crank to go with the whole “crossplane” theme ?

  • Michael R

    The front on rendering looks like a 2012 R6 to me. The side on line drawing does not match the front on view.

    The side on view looks very much like the Red/White rendering/photo leaked in Young Machine in early Jan, the lights and screen in particular are very similar.

    The frame looks exactly the same as the concept. Bars and screen look a bit higher.
    The boomerang fairing is still there but diluted a little.

    This is going to be an awesome bike, I can’t wait to ride it.

  • Ian John

    Is it wishful thinking or am i seeing two sport bikes here?
    Yes i can see in the “skeletal” image a small displacement bikes ergos, engine and that the front rotor lines are broken by the wheel spokes suggesting single disc.
    Though the bike in the “warp” wind tunnel, new R6 or R1 maybe. Its width and front end in comparison to the first image, knowing they are at different perspectives, front and side.

  • The R25 concept and R6 sport bike share A LOT of design elements. You wouldn’t see a new R6 launched like this, and it wouldn’t look exactly like the old one.

  • rd84

    I think the side view is a different bike – the forks appear to be RWU ? – I think the ‘R1/R6’ image has USD forks ?

  • @Westward: “Also that line drawing, if it is a 250 or 300cc bike, the swingarm looks more sophisticated than its competitors…”

    Aprilia’s RS4 50 and 125 have more sophisticated chassis than any of the Japanese offerings thus far. Were it not for the anemic 15 HP of the modern 125 era, I’d be all over that action. Gone are the days, it seems, when you could actually buy a 125 or 250 that wasn’t a learner bike. :(

  • Ian John

    Well im just going to stick with my gut and get excited on it being a new R1, aswell as the small capacity.
    Yeah i know, and looking like an R6, ha!
    Sorry, but im a sucker for these “time till unveiling” things.
    Havnt been this excited since the 1290, until they released pricing……..

  • MikeD

    Jensen said:

    “You wouldn’t see a new R6 launched like this, and it wouldn’t look exactly like the old one.”

    Xactly my thoughts. You would think they would want to out it with a BANG!!! at some of the mayor motorbike events (EICMA, INTERMOT, TOKYO, etc.)

  • MikeD

    And specially for their Darling R1. Not a chance this is a heavy guns unveil.

    Like some dude said in an OLD episode of Deadliest Catch: Check your feelings at the door. LOL.

  • Cdub

    I have a sneaky feeling that this is some kind of new exciting competitor to Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000. ;-)

    Maybe it’ll use the cross plane motor from the R1.

    Possibly a bit of wishful thinking there…

  • Yeah, I think it probably is wishful thinking. I don’t think it’s happenstance that the teaser page is available in two languages: English and Thai. I suspect that anything unveiled will be predominantly for the Asian markets.

  • Anders

    The two different displacement of 250cc and 300cc on yamaha’s small sportsbike makes sense, as most of south asia has a 250cc tax bracket.. Above 250cc and the bikes get a much heavier tax. Since honda and kawaski has 300cc bikes now Yamha had to up the displacement on the US and european market to compete with the other two 300cc bikes.. But the Honda CBR300r is not really a threat as it is a big 300cc single cylinder bike with just 30.4bhp against the kawasakis 39bhp.
    If yamaha’s 300cc bike is lightweight, with a precise steering and balance and around 40bhp it could be a class leader.
    Some rumours has said that the yamaha R3 might be a triple cylinder,, if so it could be a real high rewing monster..But I am more convinded that it is an enlarged 250cc twin..

  • Yamaha’s number designations have never related to cylinders. I will run down pit late naked if the R3 is a triple.

  • Ian John

    Careful, you might wanna be ready to shave your ball Fro and get a fake tan for the female readers.
    Just saying, in the event your wrong……..triples are in the air. Agree with you in the interim however.

  • Westward

    A triple 300cc bike, I buy one without hesitation. It would be like buying a unicorn. That way people could say, “See that bloke there, he own’s a unicorn…”

    I want it in Rossi livery…