Yet Another Solid Photo of the Yamaha YZF-R25

04/30/2014 @ 5:40 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Unfortunately, the Yamaha YZF-R25 isn’t slated to debut until May 2014; but as luck would have it, the month of May starts tomorrow. It shouldn’t surprise us then that the R25 is leaking like a sieve all over the internet.

We brought you some very nice photos of Yamaha’s 250cc sport bike earlier this morning, and now we have another good glimpse of the Yamaha R25 from the front.

In this shot we get a good glimpse of the YZF-R25’s headlight, which reminds us of the redesign Honda did to the CBR600RR. Clearly visible on the side fairing is the “R25” logo, so we know we are dealing with the real thing. Unfortunately though, the photo is pretty low-resolution, so it’s hard to gauge fit and finish.

Built in Indonesia, we can expect all of Southeast Asia to get the two-cylinder four-stroke machine — beyond that all, it is anyone’s guess. With Honda, Kawasaki, and KTM bringing strong offerings in the small-displacement category, Yamaha has some stiff competition internationally, as well as in the USA.

What we do know is that Yamaha has registered the names “R3” and “YZF-R3” with trademark offices abroad and in the United States.

It could be that the tuning fork brand is up-selling its 250cc machine, or the R25 cylinder displacement is closer to 300cc than we think – possibly with a ~275cc machine.

Another theory is that Yamaha is readying an actual 300cc model for North America and Europe, as both markets have seen displacement bumps to 300cc in the small-displacement machines offered by Honda, Kawasaki, and KTM.

We are just as tired of saying the same thing over and over again, as you are reading it. Yamaha, drop this baby already and send one to us.

Source: TMC Blog

  • irksome

    As opposed to a liquid or gaseous photo.

  • Indeed sir.

  • coreyvwc

    I might be a little late to the party, but any idea what the engine layout is going to be? Short winded thumper like Honda, or high revving twin like kawasaki?

  • taikebo

    Some sources say the engine is twin parallel with 90 degree (or 270 degree) firing order. See the R25 prototype video in Youtube which Rossi rides it, you will hear a slightly different sound than normal twin parallel engine like Ninja 300. The redline is 14,000.

  • Dave G.

    I see more Daytona 675 then CBR600RR.

  • Nero

    Like 2004 – 2006 Yamaha R6. And 2008 – 2010 Honda DN-01

  • What’s the fuss about? Isn’t this just gonna be another Asian peoples carrier in the shape of a sportsbike? Like the R15 but with a bigger engine?

  • Isn’t that what the R1 is? Hey-oh!

  • I’d guess that we’ll see both 250cc and 300cc variations, hence the copyrights on two new names. Japan’s 250cc segment is extremely important for licensing and emissions testing over the lifetime of the vehicle. For example, the Ninja 300 in North America is a 250 here in Japan. What’s disappointing, however, is that the days of being able to buy a 40-plus-HP 250 here in Japan are long gone. Unless you pick up a used 2-smoker or 4-cylinder 4-stroke, you’re still basically buying a sporty commuter made with the beginner in mind.

  • taikebo


    Bikers are brothers, no matter what bikes you ride. Respect us, the Asian. We don’t have much money to buy superbikes and the tax makes us even more difficult to buy superbikes. 1 litre bike such as R1 costs an arm and leg here ($35,000). Probably the only affordable big bike is ER6N here ($10,000). But here in Asia, the number of motorcyclists is more than the car drivers.

  • RS

    Yeah, Yamaha bring it on, we are really tired of the speculation, just bring it on. Give it a high reving, high compression twin(300cc) with power upwards of 40bhp, with your legendary chassis magic along with a good pair of binders, suspenders and a slick gearbox, and yeah proper tires. With these in the R25, everyone will be happy!!!

  • T

    Why aren’t they using the upside down forks like the Yamaha r125?

  • Anton

    Full Spec:

    Engine Type : Vertically 2 Cylinders 4 Stroke, 8 valve DOHCLiquid Cooled
    Diameter X Stroke : 60,0 X 44,1 mm
    Compression Ratio : 11,6 : 1
    Fuel System : Fuel Injection
    Ignition : TCI (Transistorized Control Ignition)
    Spark Plug : CR9E
    Battery : GTZ8V (MF Battery 7.4 Ah)
    Starter : Electric Starter
    Lubrication System : Wet
    Lubricate Capacity : Total = 2,40 L
    LDimension : 2.090 mm X 720 mm X 1.135 mm
    Seat Height : 780 mm
    Ground clearance : 160 mm
    Wheel base : 1.380 mm
    Caster angle : 25 derajat
    Trail : 95 mm
    Max Power : 26,5 KW / 36 PS /35,6 hp @ 12.000 rpm
    Max Torque : 22,6 N.m @ 10.000 rpm
    WEIGHT : 166 kg
    Fuel Tank Capacity : 14,3 L (Res : 3 L)
    Frame Type : Diamond
    Transmision Type : Manual, 6-speed
    Clutch : Wet, manual , Multiplate
    Front & Rear Tyre : Tubeless 110/70-17M/C(54S) & 140/70 – 17M/C(66S)
    Front & Rear Brake : Disc Floating Ø 298mm, Twin Piston & Cakram Ø 220mm Single Piston
    Front Suspension : Telescopic Fork (diameter 41 mm)
    Rear Suspension : Monocross Suspension
    Head Lamp : DC Halogen 12V,55W (H7)
    Tail Lamp : LED