Yamaha VZ1 Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

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UPDATE: Obiboi has done up a Kenny Roberts paint scheme version as well. Find it after the jump.

Do you dream of Yamaha producing a V4 sport bike? How about naked-variant that supplants the popular FZ1? Does a carbon/aluminum trellis frame work for you, with a titanium exhaust of course? If you answered yes to these questions, and envision such a bike late a night when you’re forming your dream garage in, then Oberdan Bezzi has just the concept sketch for you.

Drawing on the same 1,000cc fairing-less street bike theme as the FZ1, Bezzi imagines a Yamaha with a forward-tilted V4 motor that has an almost perpendicular cylinder arrangement, and is capable of being a platform with worldly appeal.

In addition to the salacious V4, the Ti exhaust system looks like it came straight off a GP bike, with a canister both under the tail section, and coming out below the left rearset. Oberdan stretches the likely tight budget constraints Yamaha would have on such a bike by including both Brembo calipers and a carbon swingarm on the VZ1 (not to mention the partially carbon frame). However as we’ve seen already with Suzuki, a move to such previously thought exclusive pieces isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility for the Japanese manufacturers.

Of course the biggest hurdle for the VZ1 concept is selling the rabid FZ1 fans on the more “gentlemanly” V4 motor, and otherwise tinkering with a design that has such a cult following. A gutsy, yet intriguing idea Obiboi.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi