Yamaha VZ1 Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

02/01/2011 @ 2:11 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

UPDATE: Obiboi has done up a Kenny Roberts paint scheme version as well. Find it after the jump.

Do you dream of Yamaha producing a V4 sport bike? How about naked-variant that supplants the popular FZ1? Does a carbon/aluminum trellis frame work for you, with a titanium exhaust of course? If you answered yes to these questions, and envision such a bike late a night when you’re forming your dream garage in, then Oberdan Bezzi has just the concept sketch for you.

Drawing on the same 1,000cc fairing-less street bike theme as the FZ1, Bezzi imagines a Yamaha with a forward-tilted V4 motor that has an almost perpendicular cylinder arrangement, and is capable of being a platform with worldly appeal.

In addition to the salacious V4, the Ti exhaust system looks like it came straight off a GP bike, with a canister both under the tail section, and coming out below the left rearset. Oberdan stretches the likely tight budget constraints Yamaha would have on such a bike by including both Brembo calipers and a carbon swingarm on the VZ1 (not to mention the partially carbon frame). However as we’ve seen already with Suzuki, a move to such previously thought exclusive pieces isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility for the Japanese manufacturers.

Of course the biggest hurdle for the VZ1 concept is selling the rabid FZ1 fans on the more “gentlemanly” V4 motor, and otherwise tinkering with a design that has such a cult following. A gutsy, yet intriguing idea Obiboi.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi

  • Just get a Brutale.

  • Johndo

    Only problem is, Yamaha would probably sell this 25000$

  • Butch

    Aprilia should have had Bezzi design the look of the new Tuono.

  • Ceolwulf

    Beautiful bike that doesn’t make much sense. Yamaha have been making their name lately by defeating a whole swarm of V4s with their innovative take on the inline four – why would they want to use a V4 for something like this?

  • Shaitan

    Wow, it looks pretty much like a 2011 Aprilia Tuono only better.

  • MikeD

    OK, continue…

    But more realistically…how about just an I-4 with the SBC Style Crank and 16V head instead of 20 ?
    A newer, fresher looking nose/headlamps section? A whole refresh ?
    A less Bulky/Fugly exhaust ?
    Make it more edgy ? IDK.

  • MikeD

    But back to the matter at hand: YES, I WOULD HIT THAT ! And Butch nailed it, cause the new Tuono is FUGLY.

  • Steve Guanche

    The only thing anyone may see from Yamaha as far as the FZ I would be the cross plane crank shaft from the latest R I. V4 is just a pipe dream.

  • ken hague

    Not sure on this styling also some engines dont look that good on show its just a big lump with metal and plastic stuck on here and there, each to his own i suppose but its not matching on style kawasakis recent models. Stick a full fairing on it and it may get interesting.

  • Doctor Jelly


    Yamaha went back to 4 valves/cylinder a few years ago…

  • DS

    Cool look, definitely a mix of Yamaha & Aprilia.
    In terms of the engine: I’m not sure if it is possible with today’s crank shaft design, but a VR head design combined with the cross-plane crankshaft would be my dream engine. Yamaha might be able to get an in-line 4 as narrow (or less) than a triple.

    The VR head design I’m referring to are the ones by VW’s car & Horex’s in-line 6

  • Oberdan Bezzi has done a Kenny Roberts replica version as well. It’s now been added to this post.

  • Shaitan

    Love the Kenny Roberts black and yellow scheme.

  • MikeD

    @ Doctor Jelly:

    Indeed, on the current R1 at least but on the current FZ1(using previous Gen R1 Engine) they still use the “too many valves” head.

    4 less Valves to worry about would be welcome in my ” backyard shop”. There’s no point u could say as they got the same amount of juice from both architectures.

    But nothing wrong with wanting to be different and having 4 more valves than the next guy.

  • MikeD

    And to be more exact about it, since Model Year 2007 the R1 is using the 4 Valve configuration.

  • Steve

    Where’s my check book ?