If Yamaha Made a Sports Car, It Would Look Like This

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Yamaha Motor Corporation is known better for its powersports offerings, but what if the tuning fork brand followed Suzuki and Honda down the rabbit hole of also making a automobiles?

Yamaha might just be considering such a path, releasing what it calls the Sports Ride concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

The two-seater concept is very sporty, and Yamaha is quoting a 750kg weight…that’s roughly 1,600 lbs. While we are well into Lotus territory, there is no information at this time as to what could be powering the Sports Ride concept (if it even exists outside of computer renderings).

It would be interesting to see if Yamaha goes the same route as Honda, opting to use its MotoGP power plant in the concept. That would certainly make for a lurid power-to-weight ratio, though we’re not too certain how well-suited the YZR-M1’s inline-four is suited for car duty.

Still, the concept is intriguing and heaven knows we like our cars lightweight and nimble, just like our bikes. We are just not certain how confident we would be in crashing in one – after all, there is a reason modern automobiles weigh so much these days.



Abstract empty gray concrete interior background, 3d render

Source: Yamaha