Yamaha MT-09 Ténéré Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

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The Yamaha FZ-09, or the Yamaha MT-09 as it’s known outside of the USA, has become a big win for the tuning fork brand. A fun three-cylinder machine that has enough pep to carve up the canyons, yet also has a relaxed enough riding position to handle commuting duties, the Yamaha FZ-09 really wins our hearts and minds with its dirt-cheap price tag of $7,990 MSRP.

We’re not alone in our opinion, as the MT-09 has done so well in the global market, that Yamaha built off the buzz and released its two-cylinder cousin: the Yamaha MT-07.

If the Japanese OEM truly is eyeing more three-cylinder machines, we are excited for the prospect. Oberdan Bezzi is excited too, as the Italian designer has imagined his own interpretation of what Yamaha could do with the MT-09 line.

Envisioning a smaller displacement version of the Yamaha Super Ténéré, Bezzi sees Yamaha tapping the MT-09 chassis and engine to make a solid 847cc three-cylinder adventure-tourer. Smaller and lighter, such a design would be a great middleweight addition for the Yamaha line.

We’ve seen a lot of intriguing, yet fanciful, designs from Obiboi before, but this has to be the most practical concept to come from the Italian designer. Hopefully Yamaha is paying attention, they would do well to consider the prospect of an MT-09 base ADV bike.

Source: Obderdan Bezzi