Details on the Victory’s Electric Race Bike for the IOMTT

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News that Victory Motorcycles will be racing at the 2015 Isle of Man TT, in the TT Zero event no less, is still taking time to process. It’s a big deal for the Manx road race, and an even bigger deal to the American brand.

If you have been following the electric motorcycle scene, Victory’s race bike should look familiar, as its based off the Brammo Empulse RR.

Exactly what changes Victory will have at the Isle of Man have been a mystery, but our sources have given us some insight into the progress Brammo has made in its extended off-season.

First up, the Victory Empulse RR has a new motor from its strategic partner Parker, which has put new windings in its motor to Brammo, in order to optimize power delivery and efficiency.

This means an overall reduction in horsepower from the Brammo-spec machine, a drop from 173hp to 150hp, though peak torque remains at 162 lbs•ft.

Victory must surely be of the opinion that the trade-off in reduction of power for increased system efficiency will get the Empulse RR around the 37.73 mile the quickest way possible.

Certainly, 150hp at the rear wheel should be enough power to put in a 120 mph lap average, all other factors being conducive, and that is certainly the mark to beat in 2015.

Of course, the big addition to the Empulse RR will be the added battery capacity, which is up 20% according to our sources. That should put the TT-spec Empulse RR at 17 kWh of battery capacity, with presumably more weight as a result as well.

The entire Empulse RR has been worked on to handle the stresses of the TT course, which has all the usual bumps and ruts found on a typical street road.

Our sources say both the battery pack and the chassis itself have been modified to deal with the punishment Snaefell Mountain Course deals out and to accommodate the added battery capacity.

Attention was also given to the aerodynamics package, as we’ve seen from the few photos Victory has published. A new carbon fiber tail unit has been constructed, which is lighter than its predecessor and also more aerodynamic.

The front of the bodywork is also more slippery to the wind, though not all of Victory’s aerodynamic enhancements have been revealed just yet.

Victory and Brammo are hoping for a podium finish at the 2015 Isle of Man TT.

Going against Team Mugen will be a big task for the American outfit, especially with less time on the course, but the Empulse RR is an experienced race bike in its own right, and anything can happen on race day.



Source: Bothan Spies