Triumph Steve McQueen Edition

10/24/2011 @ 9:36 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

While this might look like a modified Triumph Bonneville T100, in reality it is the new Triumph Steve McQueen Edition. That’s right, Triumph has seemingly teamed up with Steve McQueen’s estate, and is making 1,100 Steve McQueen Edition motorcycles. Inspired by McQueen’s Triumph Trophy TR6, which was featured in the movie The Great Escape, the Triumph Steve McQueen Edition features what the British brand calls “a military-style matte khaki green livery” and sports a stencil-styled Triumph decal on the tank with a Steve McQueen signature on the bike’s side covers.

Other modifications include a solo seat (because real men ride alone), black luggage rack, a skid plate, and a smaller headlamp. Triumph has also blacked out many of the Bonneville’s components to add further effect to the transformation. Each of the 1,100 bikes will be numbered with a plaque, and will also come with a certificate of authenticity. Like the other Triumph models previewed today (Triumph Tiger Explorer & Triumph Speed Triple R), full details on the 2012 Triumph Steve McQueen Edition will be released at EICMA.

Source: Triumph

  • WomanWhoRides

    It’s clear with sexist editorializing like “because real men ride alone” that Jensen Beeler will never be in danger of riding with anyone. Quit alienating your female readership with thoughtless quips like that.

  • AK

    I want same color on Thunderbird Storm

  • 305ed

    @WomanWhoRides – Jeez! New to A&R? Jensen’s sarcasm is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

  • @WomanWhoRides

    Lighten up, that aside has nothing to do with sex, gender, or the price of bread.

    What it does have to do with is the fact that it’s funny that a motorcycle named after Steve McQueen has a solo seat that Triumph goes out of it’s way to list as a feature for this bike.

    ps. Look up the definition of sexism before using it in a sentence next time. This is why women should stay in the kitchen.

    pps. Did you see what I did there? Now that’s some blatant sexism. Compare and contrast.

  • irksome

    @WomanWhoRides- who the hell taught you to READ?

  • CDS

    @irksome Probably a woman..

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  • Jake Fox


    What part of Steve McQueen edition did you miss? It’s not just a man’s bike, it’s THE MAN’s bike. The reason it has the solo seat, and the reason it is listed as a feature, is because it provides escape from harpies like you.

  • Westward

    So, is there a women’s edition?

    Way to alienate the casual passers-by fellas…

    I guess it’s just-us again guys…

  • Beary

    Dearie me, bite the poor girl’s head off ! Jensen sorry, but it was a thoughtless quip. Especially when it was clearly ‘her time of the month’

    (insert big smiley here)

  • Gary

    Factor another $30K to buy a Mustang Bullitt replica to share that garage space. Nice “bit of kit,” as the Brits would say.