Triumph Daytona 1050 Imagined

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Triumph for some time now has had these glaring holes in its model line-up, which it has only begun to address with the launching of bikes like the 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 and 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC.

One hole that still remains in this Swiss cheese product offering is a liter class sportbike. Up until the recent release of the 2011 Triumph Daytona 675R, the Daytona 675 has been single-handedly holding down Triumph’s sportbike offering; while the British company’s naked plus-sized Speed Triple has nearly become the Branch Davidian of the street biking cult status, giving Triumph fans plenty of ammo to speculate upon when Triumph would release a fully-faired 1050cc three-cylinder machine that came from the best of these two bikes.

While Triumph has still disappointed us, and not released a Daytona 1050 model, that hasn’t stopped the fine people at Triumph Che Passione from imaging what this unicorn of Inghilterra could look like. Given the fact that Triumph could build this bike fairly easily out of its common parts bin, and the higher margins liter bikes command from consumers, it’s a wonder why the British company hasn’t pursued this motorcycle this more seriously and in a more timely fashion.

Able to take the best from both the Daytona and Speed Triple lines, Triumph could easily make a potent liter-bike offering for street and track enthusiasts, and as Triumph Che Passione has shown in this photoshop, a Chimera between the two models makes for one sexy beast. While we doubt we’ll see such a model in the 2011 model year, there’s always hope for 2012.

Source: Triumph Che Passione