Strada Aperta: But Wait, There’s More!

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As we inch closer to EICMA, and the rumored unveiling of the BMW GS killer from Ducati, the rumors and spy shots of the Strada Aperta continue to roll in. This latest batch features once again, our favorite gaffer taped bike out on the town, doing its thing. This time, a few more details about the front fendor can be seen despite the masking. Check it out after the jump.

We hope the mirror & hand guard units are being re-thought, and that the current setup with the mirrors poking up above the handguards with integrate signals are merely for safety while testing. We can’t imagine that Ducati would go to market with the current doubled up arrangement they have, when an elegant solution on the Hypermotard is right in front of them. As we like to say here, time will tell.

Source: MC24 via HFL