Come Get Stoked over the Stoker STR SV650 Flat Track Custom

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It is curious that we don’t see more customs based on the Suzuki SV650 motorcycle.

There are no shortages of the middleweight-twin in the used market, the bike has good bones with what is becoming an iconic motor, and the platform is well-suited to a variety of purposes.

Take for instance here the Stoker STR SV650, which we spotted on Bike EXIF, as it is an attractive flat-tracking custom from Finish builder Antti Eloheimo.

Eloheimo’s STR takes the street tracker format, and mixes it with a cool minimalist look. Pure, simple, and elegant, the STR SV650 also looks like it would be at home on a dirt oval.

We especially like the lines the follow the fuel tank back to the rear of the tail section, which integrated well into the trellis frame from the SV650’s stock chassis.

The bike features LED lighting to keep things street legal (this is Eloheimo’s daily rider), and the intakes are 3D printed pieces. The exhaust pipes are titanium mufflers with a custom “Y” pipe.

With lowered forks and new internals, as well as a rear shock off a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, the Stoker STR sits a few inches lower than a normal SV650.

All-in-all, it is a great looking machine and a worthy reworking of the venerable Suzuki SV650. Keep an eye on Stoker Motorcycles for the future – we can’t wait to see what Eloheimo will make next.

Source: Stoker Motorcycles via Bike EXIF