SE Service Harrier on the Race Track

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After taking second place the 2009 European Championship Of Custom Bike Building, Sweden’s SE Service immediately brought their radical BMW custom to the race track to see how she goes when not standing still.

The bike’s styling may be too far from the norm for some riders, but at the heart of it is a bevy of technological goodness. Track footage and pictures after the jump.

According to SE Service, the Harrier is the first bike in their new line of modern customs, and has a focus on design and rider experience. SE simply calls its creation the Harrier, and shrugs off any attempt to be labeled otherwise.

With a BMW boxer powerplant, and stripped down aesthetics, we have a hard time categorizing it too, other than the fact it challenges some very pre-concieved notions on how a motorcycle should look and operate.

Beyond the hyperbole, the Harrier features most prominently a hub-steering design. Wheels are stopped by six-piston monoblocs, which feature a switchable anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Öhlins (feel the Swedish love here) provide suspension in front and in back. Also, custom fabricated aluminum and carbon fiber can be find all over the bike. We’ll take two please.

Source: SE Service via The Kneeslider