Best in Show at Verona: Stargate by Garage 65

01/25/2011 @ 12:30 pm, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS

The Verona Motor Bike Expo may not be the largest motorcycle show in Italy, but it certainly attracts some of the most beautiful bikes to be found in the country shaped like a boot. Of course only one bike can be crowned as the very best on display, and with some help from our friends at, we can share with you that this year’s honor goes to the spare-no-expense-on-the-chrome-budget build of Viareggio-based Garage 65 and its Stargate custom.

The Tuscan tinkers are no strangers to winning bike build-offs, having won last year the Italian section of the World Constructors Championship with their Kosmodrive motorcycle (we’re sensing a theme here), and have again collaborated with Domenico Moretti to build the Stargate’s unique steel/aluminum frame.

With a mirror polish on every surface, you’d be hard-pressed to spot the Stargate’s CVT transmission, in-swingarm gas tank, and supercharger. However it’s not hard to spot at the heart of the bike  a load-bearing v-twin motor, and the fact that bumps in the road are soaked up by an air-ride suspension system.

Marco Cinquini headed the Stargate project, and Studio Debenedetti & Fjords Designers were responsible for most of the design work, while Moretti had to make everything work from a technical point of view. Keep this crew on your radar for more unique customs. Hat tip to Lorenzo for the tip!

Source: OmniMoto

  • Bruce Monighan

    Dumb and useless. I can’t imagine that motorcycle going around a corner

  • nice bike..but one of the reasons we dont do high end shows anymore..the rules state bikes must run..the fuel line isnt hooked up? bottom of carbs nipple is hanging out? drive it into the show or prove it runs…its art not a bike. my twin engine twin turbo bike ran and we would drive it into shows all the time..people thought the left engine (ran in reverse) was hollow. i would tell them to put their tuonge on the turbo and i would start it up! lol