Sbay Flying 1800 Custom Cafe Racer

11/29/2010 @ 6:17 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

Here’s to starting Monday morning off right as we bring you the Spanish-made Sbay Flying 1800 custom café racer from Sbay Motor Company. If cruisers from a certain American manufacturer could look like this, we imagine that talks of an aging demographic would cease to exist as the Flying 1800 has ample doses of eye-candy, sportiness, and innovation.

Between the 3.7 gallon carbon fiber tank that is hangs below the oil-holding frame and above the motor, the rear taillight that integrates into the tail section like a Ducati GP9/GP10, and the tasteful use of copper pipes that we liked so much on the Confederate Fighter, there’s plenty to get you drooling on this bike as it borrows from some of the best ideas in motorcycle design.

Basing its name off the 1840cc Rev-Tech v-twin motor, the Flying 1800 puts out 115hp, and weighs a paltry 465 lbs. Using a Rev-Tech five-speed transmission, Sbay has also tapped Öhlins for the suspension, Galfer and Brembo for the brakes, and Marchesini for the wheels, which puts all the right names on the build spec sheet. Along with the café styling which seems to be all the rage right now, the Flying 1800 is a stylish and sporty motorcycle that makes us want to give up our sport bike ways.

We’re not the only ones that think so, as the Sbay Flying 1800 recently won “First Prize Cafe Racer” at the 2010 Verona Fair (along with a slew of other awards from other shows). Keep your eyes peeled for more great work from this young firm.

Source: Sbay via Moto22

  • There’s a lot to like about this bike, but the frame + copper tubing on top of the gas tank is not my favorite. Given the cafe racer riding position that has the rider leaning on top of the tank, wouldn’t this be a problem, especially if hot oil is pumping through those pipes?

    Also, I respectfully disagree about the drool-worthiness of the taillight. It looks a bit sphincter-ish to me.

  • Where you see sphincter, I see F-16 jet nozzle.

    I think the burning hot copper pipes are a feature, not a problem, but we can agree to disagree.

  • Bob

    Hmmmmmm… interesting bike… definitely better than what most are doing with those tired motors… But it looks so busy… How many little metal extra parts/things do you need? My 12 year old niece doesn’t have that many trinkets hanging off of her… seems you’d always be getting your clothes hung up on something, every time you walked by this bike! Even the badge on the gas tank is gonna catch on something!

  • yes. looks slapped together to me and 465 lbs doesn’t seem “paltry.” 365, maybe…

  • Brij

    this is a beautiful machine! I would take one of these any day as opposed to the confederate bikes any time!!

  • BikePilot

    I like it! 465lbs is extremely light for a bike based on that big-inch twin. Maybe a bit larger headlight and more substantial tailsection would be nice. Also, I worry a little about fuel range with the small tank given the large motor, but them I’m probably unique wrt the distance I require a bike to manage (i.e., further than the local bar or starbucks).

    I’d also change the name as it makes me think of ebay….

  • Nobody’s going to mention the “certain American manufacturer[‘s]” logo on the headlamp, or the fully exposed starter gear? I can just see some poor sod getting his jeans caught in that…

    Well, at this price point, poor sod’s can’t find the quid for payment. Strike that.

    Brit’s are funny. Spaniards… just odd.

  • wayne

    “I’d also change the name as it makes me think of ebay….”

    Me too. When I first saw the headline, I genuinely thought it was a mistake–given the proximity of the S key to the E key on a qwerty keyboard.

    As for the bike, It’s better than some and worse than others. It just doesn’t move me the way the NCR M16 does.

  • MikeD

    Certainly different….but no, doesn’t do it for me. Would rather have a Warrior Powered MT-01 with a factory warranty and over the counter parts availability.

  • RGR

    Brammofan, Jensen,

    You guys are both wrong about the tail light. Not to sound like a nerd but it’s the Neural Neutralizer from the original Star Trek episode “Dagger of the Mind”. :-)

  • @RGR – “Not to sound like a nerd but” Too late, my friend. I actually googled it, however, and yes, you’re right.

  • Interesting, but I like Ecosse’s “Heretic” better.

  • Adrian

    Looks a lot like Confederate’s Wraith….

  • Looks nice, but why use this out dated engine technology? I bet the EBR1190rs will eat it for breakfast!

  • Ducracerx

    powdercoat those Ohlins Black!