After teasing us what looked like a direct knock-off of Valentino Rossi’s NSR500 two-stroke GP bike, complete with vague #46 references, the German project has finally taken the wraps off its Ronax 500 GP street bike.

Making 160hp (@ 11,500 rpm) from its nearly square (54.5 x 54 bore and stroke) 500cc V4 engine, the Ronax 500 also boasts two counter-rotating crankshafts inside its all-aluminum engine block.

Fuel-injected for more rideability, Ronax has programmed the Ronax 500 with a sport and rain ignition map. Upgrading the class GP bike design with modern components, an electric starter and four carbon/kevlar mufflers are part of the Ronax 500’s highlights, while carbon fiber fairings, Öhlins suspension, and Brembo brakes complete the package.

Ronax says the Ronax 500 is a race bike for the road, at it comes complete with a headlight tucked away within its front air-scoop, though you might want to check with your local Department of Transportation before taking the smoker on public streets.

For the track day aficionado that longs for the days when men were men, and pre-mix was in the fuel can, the Ronax 500 might tickle your fancy. No word on weight, though we imagine it would be significantly lighter than anything else most sport bike enthusiasts have swung a leg over in this power category

At €100,000 ($136,460) it doesn’t matter if the Ronax 500 is your cup of tea or not though, as most mortals won’t be able to afford it, and only 46 units will be made (we seriously don’t know how Valentino Rossi’s lawyers haven’t sent Ronax a letter already), so who knows if you’ll ever see one. The photos below might be as close as we’ll ever get…break-out the Kleenex.


















Source: Ronax

  • Mémékme Rekah

    Street legal …..ummmmhhh

  • DonC

    Hmm… I wonder if Casey Stoner has ordered one already? Seems to be a bike built to his specifications….

  • Picker

    145 kg

  • Gutterslob

    There’s nothing sexier than the quad-pipe rear end of a GP 500. Nothing!!

  • Agent55

    It’ll be interesting to read a proper riding impression of one of these. I love that they decided to mimic the last of the NSR’s rather than go for a more modern look.

  • Chester

    I want one so badly, but I’ve only got 4,000,000¥ in the bank. That’s about 10 mil shy.

  • n/a

    It looks ok.


    There’s always a but.

    Where is the dry clutch? Also, no Ohlins FGR forks? A €100,000 price tag seems a bit cheeky?

  • n/a

    Front end from a Ducati?

  • 999

    Mr. Jay Leno, please get one so we in California can ogle this at the rockstore
    also on that note, no way this thing will ever be CA street legal. but seriously… who’s gonna ride it on the street?

  • Gutterslob

    Wait!! What does that “Full Injection” decal mean? Is it some sort of tech or brand name, or did they typo?

  • tony lewch

    I’m waiting for the 600 version.
    59.5 x 56 is 623 cc.

  • crshnbrn

    @ Gutterslob,

    Perhaps “Full Injection” refers to both the fuel and oil being injected.

  • pooch

    Stoner to buy a fleet and start up a rival GP series – for REAL riders ;)

  • Damn

    DonC says:
    June 8, 2014 at 7:10 AM

    Hmm… I wonder if Casey Stoner has ordered one already? Seems to be a bike built to his specifications….

    No he doesn’t. he just bought a new fishing rod

  • Jânio Ribeiro dos Santos

    When I see something of that suit, I wonder: Why I was not born rich? LoL …

  • sideswipeasaurus

    As I pore over this lovely bit of moto porn I’m convinced it will vanish as my alarm clock is just about to ring & wake me from dreamland to wonder where this morning wood came from.

  • Brad snyder

    here in colorado you can plate a full om MX bike as long as it has required safety equipment…so if i had the spare cash….

  • Chinmoy kalita

    Love the sound of 2 stroke engines

  • David

    Sucks being poor.

    This takes……ahhhh…..SMASHES the Cake!

  • Ronax 500 = pure yum. I just LOVE the sound of a 2-smoker on the pipe.

  • frankie

    And what about the lawyers of Honda……….? I mean this Machine has -exactly- the looks of a nsr500 ( Honda)

    and it”s beeing sold as a Ronax………what about Copyrights? I know we are not talking about a damn book but a Machine with a serious pricetag attached to it………with the looks of a Honda

  • Richard Haight

    While it certainly looks to have been built to a VERY standard of construction, it will NEVER see the street…. unless someone wants to keep paying the tickets, and eventually lose their license permanently. Not a single western European country can or will certify a two stroke to the new “Euro 4” standards, it simply cannot pass! And it sure as hell won’t stand much of a chance even being imported to the USA, for ANY Purpose other than certified for racing. Even their own website, while alluding to use on the roads, states “On a German country road with a TEMPORARY ” license. If you want one, you must send them $48, 553 (US$) (Deposit PLUS 19% German VAT) IN ADVANCE! And then wait (and hope) that they can and will build you one. All they are doing is “Trolling” for money. Once they have actually delivered one to ANYONE outside of Germany, then let’s talk :)