Roland Sands Design’s Mission 200

08/05/2010 @ 1:25 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Roland Sands Design has a new project in their garage that sees a modified Victory being built for ludicrous speed. Aptly named Mission 200, RSD is aiming for a modified partial streamlining (MPS) record, and a 200mph benchmark. Currently the bike features a stock Victory 106ci motor, but to reach the 200mph mark RSD plans to turbo the Victory v-twin motor out. The work done by RSD looks amazing, but will the bike go 200 miles per hour? Only time will tell. Video and photos after the jump.

Source: Roland Sands Design via MCN

  • Will this bike see the Salt in 2010 (e.g. BUB Speed Trials).
    Sure hope so.
    Good looking machine!

    Best of Luck
    Drew Gatewood
    AMA/F.I.M. technical steward

  • JR

    Do more Victories! Everything about them is better looking than Harleys.

    Nice job.

  • dp

    Beautiful bike….

    I would like something that looks like that.

    How viable would a bike that looks like that be as a daily commuter?

  • JJ

    Roland Sands – You are my idol.

    This bike is the perfect fusion between sport bike and cruiser.

    Can you make a kit for us working folk?

    Daily commuter? You betcha!!!! Without the turbo though.

  • Ted Baxter

    I liked the paintjob better the first time when it was called Lucky Strike Suzuki.

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