French Tuner Dub Performance and the Proto Slug

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Dub Performance, a French tuner located just outside of the alps, have added their je ne sais quois to a Harley-Davidson V-Rod. With a 2200cc motor putting out 180hp, the Proto Slug (you have to enjoy the French sense of humor here) boasts a very radical departure from its cruiser lines. Pictures after the jump.

In the bodywork you might recognize the tail section from a Suzuki GSX-R, with twin Micron undertail exhaust cans nestled underneath it. Keeping the bike on the road is massive Avon tire, mated to what appears to be a custom forged swingarm. Accenting the rest of the bike are also other custom-fab’d bits and pieces that Dub has made in their shop.

Suspending the bike are Öhlins forks, with Rizoma handlebars and controls attached at the top of the triple clamp. Brakes are done by Beringer, and feature radial mounts. After staring at the Proto Slug for a while, the bike appears to also have some sort of air-ride shock equipped in the back, where a standard shock would mount. 

While taste will vary from person to person, the only thing we can pick on the Slug for, is that intruding chopper style frame on the otherwise clean lines of the bike. You have to work with what you have though, and in this case it was the “Harley that Porsche built”.


Jensen Beeler

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