Official Photos of the MV Agusta Dragster 800

01/31/2014 @ 9:43 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS


It’s been a long tease with the MV Agusta Dragster, with Giovanni Castiglioni hinting at the machine’s debut as far back as the 2013 EICMA show. We still expect the machine to debut any day now, but MV Agusta has dropped some more details by adding scenes to its “Metallica” promotional video.

A few official studio photos have also leaked out of Varese, which if nothing else confirm the lines we have been seeing these past few weeks.

Borrowing heavily from the Brutale 800 platform, the Dragster 800 defines itself really with a lower seat height, a chopped tail section, and it 200 width rear tire. Will those differences be enough to distinguish the Dragster from the Brutale? We don’t think so.

As fanciful as the turbo rumor was, it at least created a reason for the Dragster to exist alongside the Brutale. It’s an attractive motorcycle, like all MV Agustas, but we suspect that it will serve only to cannibalize sales from the Brutale line.

The only logic in that move would be if MV Agusta has seen Brutale sales drop, in which case the Dragster could hardly do any damage to the line’s sales, and instead could serve to get a few more Brutale platforms out of the factory door, in their new Dragster aesthetic.

Considering the heavy overlap in components, it likely didn’t take much of the Italian manufacturer’s resources to develop the “new” model, so there’s a plus.

Leave us your thoughts on the MV Agusta Dragster 800 in the comments. Would you take a Dragster over a Brutale 800?



Source: MV Agusta

  • Mike

    I wish a Japanese company with a history of reliability and availability would buy the MV design department. Whether this steals sales from the Brutale or not, it is much more attractive than the er6n, FZ9, etc.

  • iakai

    stock bar end mirrors, clear rear with nothing hanging. awesome looking exhaust pipes. Design of this bike is stunning. This is the best looking naked bike ever. step aside ducati street fighter.

  • Norm G.

    re: “It’s been a long tease with the MV Agusta Dragster”

    yeah it has.

    re: “we suspect that it will serve only to cannibalize sales from the Brutale line.”

    I meant to comment in the other thread, I like this bike. but it reminds of BMW car side and how the 6 series looks the 5 series successor simply brought forward a few years. same with the new 4 series and current 3 series saloons. wait, what…? exactly.

    while car world might be able to get away with this, bike world can not. the brutale will go away, if not by committee, by natural selection. honestly I never really warmed up to it styling.

    re: “200 width rear tire”

    more akin to the 200 section Pirelli developed in Ital-SBK and fitted OEM to the 1199R and RSV4 factory APC, less so to what’s fitted to the Diavel which is a 240.

  • ADG

    Style and form over function Norm……..(Trading Places) sell! sell! sell!

  • Bluey

    it’s a Buell XB12s, 10 years later.

    Buell really was ahead of his time.

  • lucasgsxr

    Nice looking bike but to expensive its 800 cc at the end of the day and cost nearly as much as new tuono v4

  • MeatyBeard

    So basically its a Brutale 800 with a Rivale tail. I see no point to this. Looks great though, but so do the Brutale and Rivale, which I already thought were too similar as well. MV is trying to make as many bikes as they can with as few components as they can so they can have a “full model line.”

  • KSW

    I guess if you’re going to do something in house rather than hire Satya Kraus of Kraus Motor Co. or Roland Sands to do a redesigned “Custom” that’s what you do. Personally having seen some of Satya Kraus’ private work others haven’t Satya is the hands down winner. Keep an eye out for the future is clear, close and bright.

  • Everyone pay attention to what Meaty just said.

  • te5

    Looks great. I like the new headlamp, its flat, different from the bubbly Brutale-headlamp.
    Unfortunately theres ne thing that just makes me not liking MV Agusta: the quality in general.
    I´ve seen the new brutales in real and i was a little bit shocked. It´s plastic all over. curved plastic as fenders, ok thats common. Cockpit completely made of plastic, looks cheap. even the exposed parts (the air intakes frames, cockpit cover+windshield) made out of that material. The triple exhaust pipes look great but unfortunately the covers look really cheap, theyre plastic of course. The MV-emblems on the fuel-tanks were just stickers, you can feel the edges if you swipe over it, theyre not even clear-varnished… . To me it seemed like they are not even trying and are just relying on their famous name. Very dissapointing to me. At least they are affordable now, but so are japanese bikes, and the quality of workmanship is often greater. Also they are presumably more relyable.
    Back to the Dragster:
    Only thing i dont get is why that “clear rear” should be better than an usual license plate-holder mounted under the tail. That cover over the rear tire looks just unbeleavably disgusting. First thing i´d do would be changing the position of the plate-holder and indicators and place them under the rear-end.

  • te5

    They could have at least used higher value plastic, the one i´ve seen on the current bikes just looks cheap. Or at least make some parts out of metal, like the “headlamp-frame” (the silver part arround the headlamp). Most parts of the fender id not seem to be mounted well. You could bend parts of the fender easily and it made poor “cracking” noises.

  • Norm G. said everything.
    Design of the Brutale is now a bit old. The new Dragster just arrived at the right time.
    I hope it will come with good quality components and building.

  • ADG

    As is if anyone of you could use it to it’s potential.

  • Mariani

    I’ll go out on a limb and say that they could have launched this as a ‘new’ Brutale.


    Yes! The new Z1000 hurts my eyes.

  • Allez Allez

    This motorcycle shows what a genuine, proud & brave (super)model Ducati’s Diavel is.

  • mxs

    Nice design … too much money and I wonder whether the fuelling issues have been solved? Every respectable review I have read so far concluded that the fuelling is one of the worst on the market right now …. the money they need from customers to keep the show going should not deliver flawed fuelling.

    Maybe they should focus on making the exist models work first and then expand the line?