Famed motorcycle designer and two-wheeled sketch artist Oberdan Bezzi has put his pen to paper again, and this time he has dreamt up a streetfighter edition of the S1000RR. Dubbed the R1000RS, the 1000cc superbike motor gets to breath a little bit more without the controversial asymmetrical BMW fairings in place. Also gone is the winking headlight system, replaced with something that smells a bit more Italian. The effect is quite stunning, Bavaria are you taking note?

Talking about his creation, Obiboi said:

Here’s how it should be the next Naked / Streetfighter BMW.
Obviously derived from S1000 RR Superbike, aspires to become the new benchmark in the Supernaked of high society.
A decidedly aggressive in both the technique in the aspect that shows off the old “war paint” Motosport more characteristic than the new and sad blue and red.
The price of this racing car is embarrassing …. .. but then it is a BMW!

Source: Oberdan Bezzi

  • sckego

    Er, wouldn’t it be a K1000RS? R1000RS implies some big ol’ jugs hanging off the sides.

  • Hey, that’s what the man called it.

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  • Jim

    Editor, editor, that should be K1000RS. BMW has that space covered with the K1300S and K1300R (which isn’t selling in the US), not to mentioned the failed K1200R Sport, which had a small fairing and resembles this mock up.

    Besides in BMW’s naming scheme, historically RS denoted a racing bike, but with the intro of the R100RS the initials became synonymous with sport tourers.

  • Matthew

    If you look at their naming structure across all lines, I would expect it to be called an S1000R. Just like the naked versions of the F800S, k1300S, and R1200S are called the F800R, K1300R, and R1200R, respectively.

    Regarding the design above, I love the idea and hate the sketch. It’s neither Bavarian, nor Italian, and as such has no strong design position. It’s very generic. I doubt BMW would ever make a bike that looks like this, thankfully. I imagine it would conform to the F800R/K1300R/F800GS aesthetic, or it would explore the ideas presented in the Concept6. I wouldn’t mind either, personally.

  • hugh Lyonsack

    This wouldbe even better as a half faired sport touring bike.

  • CarbonWarrior

    Alright people… lets get this right. Pens and paper handy? It’s called “BMW Bike naming 101” BMW names their bikes based off power plant and intended use. The K series engines going into their respective frames… K1300S, K1200R Sport… etc. Everyone still with me? You… in the back of the class, falling asleep… Have I lost you yet? The R Series engines going into their respective bikes… designed for the Boxer engines… R1200S, R1150RT… etc. Everyone still with me? NOW…. having said that. A naked version of an “RR” or “Race Ready” bike would no longer be an RR. It would be something more like one of BMW’s famed naked R bikes. Examples would include the K1200R and R1200R. See the trend? So, with the S1000 engine in it, we would end up with a S1000R. Sure, it doesnt sound as cool… but, we all know that manufacturers such as BMW dont name them for “cool”. The only exceptions to the “no cool name” that come readily to mind are the “Rockster” and the “Paris/Dakar” versions of the popular GS bikes. As far as the concept… I think it’s great. Maybe the artist could have been somewhat more creative with the tidying up of the engine oil cooler and such devices hanging from the front. Possibly a subtle shrouding around it would make it far less obtrusive. But, all in all… I think a bike like this would find its way into my garage if it had adjustable rearsets, adjustable clipons, and a somewhat relaxed seating position from the RR. That way I could wedge my 6″6′, 220 lb self onto it for some truly exhilirating canyon carving. Until then… I’ll stick with my Benelli Cafe Racer as choice for sexiest naked to date.

  • Oberdan Bezzi Ponders the BMW R1000RS – A S1000RR Based Streetfighter http://goo.gl/YcZh

  • #BMW #motorcycle : BUILD THIS!!! http://bit.ly/d7YkDS And @Asphalt_Rubber: PLEASE stop teasing me!!! Need to get some work done! ;-)