NCR Millona 16: 145kg, 200bhp, Carbon Frame, Ducati Desmosedici on Steroids

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NCR is known for its stunning renditions of Ducati motorcycles, our personal favorite being the NCR Corse Millona One Shot. Of course no bike in the Ducati line-up is safe from getting the once over from this performance-meets-aesthetics tuning brand, and thus the NCR Millona 16 was born. Expected to weigh 145kg (319lbs), make over 200hp (at the wheel), and include a carbon frame, the NCR Millona 16 is a Ducati Desmosedici RR on steroids (BALCO would be proud).

As usual each NCR Millona 16 will be hand-built, and feature only titanium, carbon fiber, and avionic-grade aluminum. But how do you improve on a GP-replica street bike?

Well for starters you ignore the MotoGP minimum weight regulation, and create an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame and swingarm of your own design. Then to help boost power you install an even larger integrated air-intake, which is devoid of any race restrictions. The result is a bike that takes the Desmo racer to the next level of street performance, much like a mime whose trapped in an imaginary shark tank.

Knowing NCR, the M16 is going to be a looker too, with the company boasting some impressive looking bikes on its resume. No word on cost or availability, but we can’t imagine it’ll be cheap or that there will be very many of them.

The official press launch of the NCR Millona M16 will be at the 2010 World Ducati Week at Misano, where we expect to get more information about NCR’s latest creation.