MV Agusta Dragster 800 Spotted in the Wild

01/27/2014 @ 8:52 am, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS


Although MV Agusta has already teased us with a video of the upcoming MV Agusta Dragster 800, the company’s Ducati Diavel rival has still been hard to glimpse.

We have seen a render of the completed bike, which was attached to the lurid rumor of a turbocharged engine (we are doubtful of that possibility), and a couple frames of video confirmed that design as being the final one.

Today though we get a proper look at the new Dragster, as it was caught at a gas station outside of Varese, Italy. Part Brutale, and part Rivale, it is hard to see how the Dragster will land in MV Agusta’s model lineup.

The seat height looks quite low, and there are interesting design cues, but does the Dragster distinguish itself enough from its brethren? Only time will tell.


  • Harry

    A pointless motorbike. What aim MV?

  • Ken C.

    Love it.

    I like the shorty tail, but that rear fender/license plate mount has to go.

    I don’t see how this will compete against the Diavel though. It’s not cruiser enough. Seems like it’s going to cannibalize Brutale sales, or vice versa.

  • Kaw4Life

    Guess I am too old to get it, looks like a bug. I wish MV the best of luck.

  • Agent55

    I feel like MV has gotten “Mini Cooper-itis” with their new triple platform, just cranking out models they don’t need to and pretending each one is completely unique.

  • Starmag

    Why bother with passenger accommodations at all, unless MV thinks we need to give rides to very brave five-year olds? I’m sure it’s a great bike but not too different from their other offerings.

  • Marc F

    Not seeing the difference between this and the Brutale 800.

  • RL

    I like how there is a gap above the rear tire so that when your unfortunate passenger slips off the tiny pillion their sensitive regions will trapped between the revolving tire and the swingarm until they ultimately fall off completely. Or perhaps it will have a modular tail like the BMW R nineT.

  • Superlight

    I own an F3 and am irritated at this manufacturer’s obvious intent to create a model for every whim. What’s next – an MV trike? I know they need increased sales volume to be viable and adding new models helps acheive that aim, but it would probably help their cause even more by building up their worldwide dealer network. That and perfect each model they do create prior to its release. It’s great they will update the ECUs for free at the dealers, but shouldn’t all that have been done before the product hit the market, not after? Fewer products done right.

  • Aaron Mezger

    A Brutale bobber? An answer to a question nobody asked. Except the one about inexpensive ways to boost your sales.

  • Muffinpunch

    I think the bike looks great overall and I’m a huge fan of stubby tails. But that being said, I agree that this bike is not different enough to be called a new model and thus is a pointless addition to an already fairly weak lineup. Its little more than an accessory tail replacement for the Brutale 800, which looks plenty good as it is.

  • haryudh4

    Minor Fighter!

  • dagoof

    Fugly as hell. I hate the shorty tail section. I can’t believe an Italian firm designed this. I would have suspected the French.

  • Mitch

    At first I was like ‘no way’, but indeed those are passenger pegs.

    ‘MV Dragster: No Fatties’

  • Wolf

    I love it.
    First bike to excite me in a lonnnnng time.
    Any comments to the contrary, please note that I really don’t give a sh#t.
    This is my opinion.
    Cheers all, and thanks for sharing.

  • dagoof

    @ Wolf “Any comments to the contrary, please note that I really don’t give a sh#t.”

    Nor do we… Lighten up.

  • k1200Rider

    I love the stubby tail, ofcourse the passenger pegs are pointless. BUt then again, take a look at any of the newer sportbikes, none of the them have a big enough enough seat that is pratical for a pillion rider. As of right now it is a toss between this and the bmw nineT for me!

  • eg

    Love it…..only thing now is which is it: whatever this is or the rivale? I love the short tail!

  • MikeD

    I find it SUPER IRONIC to call Dragster an 800 cc motorcycle.

    I knew it would never happen on my life time but i was quietly cheering for a 1600 cc V6 Brutale. Hey, we all can dream . . . right ? LOL.

    I bet VMAX, B-King, Hayabusa, ZX-14R, Diavel and MT01 owners are ROTFLMAO just at the thought.

    P.S: Why bother with passenger pegs when there’s basically no passenger seat ? Save us the Grams and clean up the tail section in one sweep.