Moto Morini Corsaro Veloce by Luca Bar

04/26/2011 @ 2:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

In case you haven’t notice, we really like the work of Luca Bar. The young Italian designer has an eye for motorcycles we like to own, so it seemed fitting that we show off one of Bar-Design’s older works, the Moto Morini Corsaro Veloce.

With the fabled Italian company set to go up on the auction block again this summer, we thought perhaps some inspiration from Maestro Bar would help pull some buyers out of the woodwork. At the very least, it’s an excuse to show off some more drool-worthy motorcycle eyecandy.

Based on the 1,187cc Moto Morini Corsaro Veloce naked bike, Bar’s interpretation adds a full-fairing for a true sportbike effect. While we’re a big fan of the naked Corsaro, we have to say the idea of full-faired Moto Morini like this is enticing, and makes you want to forget everything that was wrong with the other Bologna motorcycle manufacturer.

Gone are the bug-eyed headlights, and we like the racy tail section. The big double “M” Moto Morini logo is a nice touch, but it is the beautiful trellis frame and exposed motor that makes the Corsaro so great, and Bar has helped not only retain this element, but also enhance it. Superb work as always Luca.

Source: Bar-Design

  • Simon Godden

    can’t help noticing that the fairing looks like an M on it’s side.

  • MikeD

    Don’t like at all what he did with the “upper section” of the “snow plow” where it meets the headlight fairing… total whack job… other than that… i would hit it.

    On a unrelated note: Why in heavens name Japanese OEMs (xcepting Yamaha that i remneber of) can’t make classy good looking wheels like these thin 6 spokes here ? (SCRATCHING HEAD).

  • hoyt

    That is nice.

    “…but it is the beautiful trellis frame and exposed motor that makes the Corsaro so great”

    Opening a can of worms with this, but… the above quote is one of the better design elements that makes the 999-series Ducati more aesthetically intriguing than the 1098-series. The rear cylinder and frame are more exposed on the former than the latter, which is better imo.

  • MikeD

    Indeed, Hoyt…i agree.

  • This one pheraps it too japan in style! ;)