Filippo Barbacane’s Moto Guzzi Diamante 1400

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Filippo Barbacane woke up one day displeased with the Moto Guzzi Griso 8V, so he did something about it. The result of his labor is this “diamond” in the rough, the Moto Guzzi Diamante 1400, which Barbacane will be producing in a limited run of 30 motorcycles. Pictures and more after the jump.

Right off the bat, the Diamante’s pair of single-sided swingarms strikes the eye. While the rear single-sided swingarm comes standard with the Griso 8V, the front unit was donated by a Gilera Cx125, reinforced of course. Where the fuel tank appears to be is in fact a cover for the massive airbox Barbacane has created, with the real fuel hold being repositioned underneath the rider’s seat.

That faux tank also serves to help cool the iconic horizontal Moto Guzzi v-twin motor, forcing air across the jutting cylinder heads. That cooling will be necessary as Barbacane punched out the Griso’s 1,151cc motor to a massive 1,420cc’s which takes the final output from 110hp to well over 140hp.

Other features include the low-slung shorty muffler that is fed via a custom collector pipe that wraps around the motor. Brakes are by Brembo, and a custom linkage has been created for the rear-suspension. Check out the pictures below for the other more subtle styling refinements.

Source: SoloMoto 30