Mission Motors Unveils the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Mission One

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Just in time for the holiday season, Mission Motors has made it into the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book with their Mission One electric motorcycle. The Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Mission One will only consist of 10 bikes, and accordingly comes with a $73,000 price tag. More after the jump.

At a $4,000 dollar premium over the Mission One’s price tag, your extra money will get you a bike with a unique flat-black paint job, Neiman Marcus plaques, exclusive Marchesini wheels. As an added bonus, owners of the NM Mission One will also get a chance to take delivery of their motorcycle at the Mission Motors’ office, and get one-on-one training with a pro on a test track (likely Infineon Raceway).

If the Neimen Marcus Mission One is not really your thing, you can always opt for the $25,000 Customized Cupcake Car.

Source: Neiman Marcus via Mission Motors