Up-Close with the Mission R at Infineon Raceway

05/16/2011 @ 8:01 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

It’s a good thing for Mission Motors that the Mission R looks fast standing still, as the electric superbike was unable to race in this weekend’s TTXGP series opener at Infineon Raceway. The Mission crew did bring the bike out for fans to see though, which gave us a chance to get up-close and personal with the machine with a camera in-hand. Electricity aside, the Mission R is one of the most attractive motorcycles we’ve seen in a while (even without its clothes on), and the fit & finish on the bike is superb…now if only it actually ran.

We can’t wait to see how the Mission R fares on the track, especially with Steve Rapp on-board. Mission tells us it will be at some of the upcoming TTXGP events, which would be an unfortunate place to launch the Mission R, considering A&R has a strict rule about blogging from New Hampshire. We’ll see what our Bothans can do about sneaking a peak of the bike testing before the next TTXGP round; until then, here are 25 photos to ruin your Monday productivity.

Photos: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Gavin

    It is a beautiful bike (i do love a black/white/gray color scheme done right). Hope she runs as fast as she is pretty.


  • VERY impressive bike in the flesh. Edward offered me a chance to sit on it and it felt extremely racey with a very Ducati-like reach to the clip-ons. Props from Brammo and we’re looking forward to seeing this beauty fly around the racetrack!

  • Other Sean

    I’m completely smitten. So much so that I hope it doesn’t become available for sale as a production bike, because then I’ll be sad because I can’t afford one.

  • chrome

    I chatted with the engineers who were there, and it soudns like the bike won’t ever be for sale. MM is going to be an electric power-train company, and use this bike and projects like it to showcase their electric drive systems. Trying to sell motorcycles is a fairly expensive proposition, and apparently it did not make a compellign story for their investors.

    But MAN that thing is beautiful.

  • Hey Jensen et.al.– thanks for the kind words.

    Brian– you guys did great, and the Empulse RR was laying down solid and consistent lap times all weekend long. I know how much effort it takes.

    We’ll look forward to seeing you all on the racetrack soon.

  • MikeD

    Total Fap Material. That thing looks stunning.
    Now if only it could go 200miles on a charge and be charged in less than 10minutes…sigh.

  • KyleG

    “Now if only it could go 200miles on a charge and be charged in less than 10minutes…sigh.”

    If only it did kill the environment and require us to import millions of barrels of it a year :) :) Seems like a fair trade to me. Just playing with you Mike.

    Both Mission and Brammo have great bikes. I was disappointed that I didnt get a chance to see them at Infineon, but there are plenty of races left to see these beautys go at each other on the track

  • KyleG

    I should be allowed to open my mouth :)

  • MikeD

    Not against it at all, just ripping on the mediocre current state of Batt technology…so Blah…but i guess they have to start somewhere…right ?

    As long as i don’t get my gas powered one banned and u get ur electric one is all cool here, lol.

  • WOW!!! Great pics, man. Productivity = shot.

  • gnmac

    That is easily one of the sexiest machines I’ve ever seen :) !