Magpul Ronin: An Alternate Reality of Buell

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With the Magpul Ronin, we’re not sure what gun/rifle magazine innovator Magpul is doing making a motorcycle, but we like the outcome of that awkward yet happy merger.

Buell owners don’t have much to look forward to right now, but imagine a world where Buell Motorcycles was still in business, and the American sportbike industry is overrun by gun manufacturers making motorcycles. Now add in some wayward samurai warriors, and the end result could be what you see above.

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it…photos and more after the jump.

Magpul describes the Ronin as “the first iteration of a design exercise inspired by interests, hobbies, and passions shared by many within Magpul,” or as we like to think of it, an alternate ending to the Buell story.

As for the Ronin end of things, Magpul cites Japanese literature where “the Japanese word for a samurai who lost his master, the name ‘Ronin’ was chosen after the Buell Motorcycle Company ceased production and closed its doors in 2009. The model 1125R was selected due its high level of performance and aesthetic potential that were never fully realized by Buell as a subsidiary of Harley Davidson.”

No word yet if the Magpul Ronin or its Magpul-designed components for the Buell 1125R will be made available to the public for purchase, as more information about Project Ronin will be released as the design progresses.

As loyal Buell readers will surely note, Buell is a favorite whipping boy on A&R, but with the Ronin, we gladly make room in our garage for the Ronin. We love the girder look on this bike and the unique headlight. The Magpul Ronin is sure to stand out at the local bike night.






Source: Magpul Ronin via The Kneeslidder