Lotus C-01 200hp Hyperbike Officially Debuts

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When it comes to writing a Lotus story, it seems that most automotive and motorcycle journalists can’t go two sentences without invoking the name of Charlie Chaplin and his famous words: “In the end, everything is a gag.”

The 200-hp and 400-lb Lotus C-01 is proof that even motorcycle designers can have a sense of humor. Daniel Simon, the designer behind Tron: Legacy light-cycle, penned the C-01’s gorgeous form.

The forward-bias and stretched wheelbase couple with the carbon-fiber tank cuts a futuristic profile that looks entirely uncomfortable, but totally worth the lower-back, groin. and neck pain.

The 1,195cc v-twin engine is a modified version of a KTM 1190 RC8R engine. The “Lotus” name is also on license, as the British firm is not building the bike; German racing firm Kodewa and Holzer group will handle production.

The frame is a combination of “Aero tech steel/Titanium/Carbon fibre” which sounds terribly complex and spendy. We are not quite sure what is a “6-gear jaw-type shift transmission” but we are pretty certain the rider will be able to shift C-01 through six different gear ratios to achieve a desired combination of crank and bike speed.

The use of twin rear shocks in this registered and road-legal prototype is puzzling given the overall streamlined aesthetic. Is it for aesthetic, design or engineering purposes?

Hopefully, a combination of all three but it remains to be seen seen how much of what we see on the prototype will make it to production. Speaking of which, only 100 C-01’s will be built, and they are likely to be very expensive.







Source: Lotus