KTM Super Duke 1200 R Concept by Mirco Sapio

04/12/2012 @ 11:53 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

According to its leaked product road map, KTM is due to upgrade the SuperDuke for the next model year (meaning we should start seeing “spy photo” teasers any day now). Designated at the KTM Super Duke R 1290, we can only assume that the new model from Austria will feature a v-twin motor fits in the 1,200cc displacement category, though KTM has been notorious about having its number designations not quite lining up with the bike’s actual displacement.

For 2014, the Super Duke R 1290 will be the basis of another model, the KTM Adventure 1290, which will update the current KTM Adventure 990, and bring KTM more in-line with the offerings from BMW, Ducati, Yamaha, etc.

While we wait for those exciting new models from Team Orange, Italian industrial designer Micro Sapio has penned this concept of a KTM SuperDuke 1200 R. Unfortunately, all we have is the front and back shots, which make fully-appreciating the renders a bit of a challenge.

Of course the orange-painted steel trellis frame pops, though we are not a huge fan of the headlight being used here. However, the low-slung exhaust and single-sided swingarm are nice touches.  Your thoughts?

Source: MotoBlog.it

  • Ed Gray

    I dislike all modern minimalist street fighter headlights. I prefer a big round light or the dual setup of the previous edition Triumphs.

    I really like the mixture of single sided arm and shorty exhaust. This is the first shorty exhaust I have liked.

    More picture please.

    Incredible modeling job, it appears to be a full on 3D model.

  • tedman

    the foot pegs are my favorite part of this bike

  • I like where your head is at tedman.

  • MikeD

    Saw the running mule they have…and even tho it has the time to make a complete day and night difference change……….IT didn’t look as radical as the first edition…yes, im not thrilled about. LOL.
    Looks more like a Duke125 with a SSSA that ate too many Oreos.


  • Scott

    Horrendous, I’ll keep the current generation bike. Where’s the sharp angles, soft and smooth is nothing a SuperDuke should ever be!

  • paulus

    Not angular enough… KTM has a winning formula and loyal customer base, I would be surprised to see them change it.

  • AndrewF

    Sleek and visually light, I like very much what I could see in those two pictures. Yes it is a bit of departure from the usual chunky and angular KTM look – that’s not such a bad thing though. And I actually rather like the headlight which is a bit of a breakthrough for me because that’s one part I’ve hated on virtually every concept bike in the recent year or so.

  • Richard Gozinya

    @Ed Gray
    Just think how much headlight design will change once BMW’s laser light technology comes to motorcycles. More compact than LEDs, they’ll be able to shape them any way they want.

    As for this rendering, not too interesting. Then again, these concepts from people unconnected with the manufacturers really don’t do a lot for me. If I want to see someone’s idea of what they’d do with a particular bike, I’ll go to BikeExif or something. Not all of it’s groundbreaking, but at least those are actual bikes.

  • tonestar

    sorry boys, i’m old, i like round headlights. and i like those concepts that are hand drawn. anyone w/ a laptop could do this…

  • No, anyone with a laptop cannot do this.

    Love or hate it is art!

    (Art: the product/result of the work of the flaky)