Absurdly Ultra High-Resolution Photos of the KTM RC 8C

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It is the end of the week, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the weekend than to ogle some ultra high-resolution photos of the KTM RC 8C.

Zie Austrians uploaded these to their media site well after the fanfare of the track-only bike had settled, so I don’t think they have really been seen until now – the fact it sold out in less than 5 minutes probably didn’t help that fact either.

For those not in the know, the KTM RC 8C is 600cc bike that features KTM 890cc parallel-twin engine within its bespoke steel-trellis chassis.

The bike is the work of Kramer Motorcycles, with the bodywork (including the winglets) being designed by KTM.

Of course, for about $6,500 less than what KTM is asking, you could have yourself a Kramer GP2 890R, which is essentially the same machine.

Still, there is something about the orange bodywork, frame, and general gloss that KTM is capable of putting on its machines that adds a certain amount of product lust.

Looking the detail shows below, and you could hardly begrudge the 100 individuals that sprung for putting a KTM RC 8C in their garage. We’re not sure what this is going to do to our bandwidth bill this month, but enjoy these ultra-high resolution photos!

Photos: KTM