KTM Freeride Prototypes Show Major Manufacturer Electrics Are Just Around the Corner

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UPDATE: After they were leaked before the released, KTM has released official information and photos about the FREERIDE concepts. You can check it out here.

We knew the time would come when one of the major manufacturers started entering the electric motorcycle space, and it seems KTM is set to be the first to produce an full-sized electric offering with its Freeride near-series prototypes. After initially showing their prototype electric motocross bike in 2009, KTM has teased us with two new images of an electric MX and supermoto with a promise to release more information March 26th, at bikes’ unveiling at the 2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

KTM says that “in one year’s time will transfer the ‘Ready to Race’ sporting spirit of the brand into a series model fit for the 21st century.” That translates to us that KTM will debut both bikes as 2011 model year motorcycles. Although still a considerable amount of time away, the Austrian company is the first major motorcycle manufacturer to give the American based electric startups a run for their money. Watch out Zero and Quantya, Team Orange is entering the fray. Check back in a week for more information.

Source: KTM via Plugbike