Electric Supermoto Coming from KTM Too?

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We already showed you KTM’s two electric dirt bike models, the KTM Freeride E-XC and KTM Freeride E-SX, which feature a 21hp / 31 lbs•ft electric PMAC motor and a swappable 2.6 kWh lithium-Ion battery pack.

The models represent KTM’s rethinking on its electric range, especially when it comes to the current limitations of electric motorcycles, and what the current state-of-technology is in this space.

While the new Freeride E-XC & E-SX show KTM is moving in the right direction, the two models didn’t do a lot for our asphalt-loving hearts here at A&R. Never fear though, as rumors from Italy’s peg a supermoto version will debut at INTERMOT.

We can expect the Freeride E-SM to have the same basic features as its more dirt-oriented brethern, namely the same motor and swappable battery system. What is likely is that KTM will simply revamp the WP suspension for supermoto duty, and add the appropriate brake and wheel kit for the job as well.

It will be interesting to see if KTM adds any more battery power to the Freeride E-SM, perhaps making it more practical as a lightweight around-town machine, though we doubt it. KTM’s focus at the moment seems to be on-track usage, where a spare battery back can sit on a charger during riding sessions.

With the Freeride E-SX costing €10,995 in Germany (VAT included), and the Freeride E-XC at €11,295, we can expect the KTM Freeride E-SM to slot in just around €12,000.

Again, there is no indication at this time that any of these three bikes will come to North America anytime soon, as they seem stuck in Europe for the foreseeable future. We should know more in about a week and a half’s time.