KTM Supermoto Concept by anyaverageartist

03/22/2011 @ 6:46 am, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

We love us some concept bikes here at Asphalt & Rubber. While not all of them live in the realm of possibility, it’s interesting to see the ideas that come forth when people put pen to paper with reckless abandon. Motorcycling is about individual expression, which we often see exhibit itself in the way people modify their bikes after purchase.

If this customization process is the physical and practical manifestation of this idea, then concept sketches and renders are examples of the same act being done as purely a mental exercise. Luckily for us, Photoshop allows for just about anyone with the skillset to now create these concepts, which supplies us with a regular healthy dose of motorcycles to day-dream about.

Today we have two bikes done by an artist we only know as “anyaverageartist” that center around the KTM dirt bike platform. With both Supermoto and SX variants, we see elements from different parts of the KTM line-up come together to build these creations.

Borrowing from the SX, Supermoto, & 125 Duke models, the thing that catches our eye the most is the 990 designation on the Supermoto render. Showing what looks like a single-cylinder, the 990 designation would suggest quite a larger thumper resides in the bikes motor (though we can’t tell from which model it’s borrowed from, let us know in the comments if you do).

While likely to wheelie for days, again the practicality of such a setup seems questionable (as if that matters). The designs though are excellent, and KTM’s focus on making performance derived and edgy motorcycles certain fits in with the thinking here. If the Austrian company had the guts to make a true 990cc Supermoto, we wouldn’t mind swinging a leg over it, right after we updated our health insurance policies.

Source: Simkom via derestricted

  • collyer

    Let’s see – swing arm from Aprilia 450, bellypan/exhaust from RC8, half of the LC8 engine (it would vibrate itself into oblivion if it were a 990 thumper), plastic bits of the Duke 125/690, tailsection from the SDR, and a ridiculously high saddle height. Looks cool, but nothing original, except the mash-up.
    How about a superlight, Duke 450 street or SuperMoto version, with lights & all that stuff that makes a bike street legal? Concepts are great, but only if they are on the path to production. Otherwise, drop the RC8 engine in the 690 Duke, and let’s go!

  • Brian C

    “Otherwise, drop the RC8 engine in the 690 Duke, and let’s go!”

    Let’s go what?..watch this over-powered, under-built bike twist itself into a pretzel?

    All teasing aside, concept bikes like this really are just for fun. anyaverageartist I’m sure knows this. The best he could hope for from putting this together is that KTM’s designers might see it and try to incorporate some of the features into a model.

    If we’re being serious about this drawing, yes ‘collyer’ is correct, without proper balancing (read: power robbing) weights, a 990 single would tear itself and it’s rider apart. Also, it’s been proven that much over 550cc per cylinder and you begin to experience a diminished return for displacement. This is why a 650 is generally as big as anyone will make a thumper. Also, if you were to stuff 990-sized power into a SM bike, you’d need a very beefy frame. the spindly 125 Duke frame would flex and wallow like a wet noodle. Also, the swingarm would have to grow a considerable amount, otherwise all you would have a very uncomfortable unicycle.

    Regardless, thanks for sharing A&R, I do enjoy seeing other peoples interpretations.

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