KTM 690 SMC R by Isaac Chavira

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More work from our man Isaac Chavira, maker of the Ducati Monster 848R everyone was drooling over last week. This week Chavira turns his attention to Austria and its resident motorcycle maker KTM. Focusing on Team Orange’s supermoto offering, Chavira has dreamed up a KTM 690 SMC R concept bike, saying “I’d really love to see this bike come to reality and frankly speaking I don’t see why it cant become a reality. Heck any gear head worth his salt can build 95% of this bike from a KTM parts catalog.” That sounds to us like a challenge.

For his ‘R’ variant, Chavira has borrowed  the wheels and brakes from the KTM 690 Duke R, and stylized the rest of the machine to take after KTM’s usual fare for the ‘R’ bikes. Chavira envisions the higher-spec supermoto getting bored out to 699cc, and even gets ambitious in his thoughts of a titanium frame and magnesium swingarm. We’re not too sure KTM could meet its price point with those items, but things like a carbon fiber airbox, forged aluminum wheels, and a lighter flywheel seem more plausible and would like “bring all the boys to the yard” in the Kelis sense of the phrase.

Depsite being a concept, the KTM 690 SMC R stays true to the aesthetic of the original KTM 690 SMC, and Chavira’s render even retains the stock titanium KTM muffler. With most of the go-fast additions taking place inside the bike, Chavira sees a 82hp street-shredder coming to life with 79 lbs•ft of torque. We’d certainly like to ride one if such a machine was built.