KTM 125 Race Concept & KTM 125 Stunt Concept Targets Young Hooligans for the KTM Brand

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Are you a European youth with a propensity to get your track day or wheelie on? If you said yes, then KTM might have a bike for you. Unveiled at EICMA yesterday, KTM has brought out two concepts that are designed to engage teens into motorcycling. Based around a KTM 125cc enduro platform, the KTM 125 Race Concept (above) and KTM 125 Stunt Concept (below the jump) have only 15hp, but pack plenty of style and attitude. More details on the concept and photos after the jump.

KTM, wanting to continue to engage a younger crowd into the motorcycle lifestyle, has squared these concepts directly at younger riders who aspire to enter into KTM’s demographic sweet spot later in life. With KTM’s mix of track-ready bikes and urban wheelie machines, both concepts play to those two different crowds.

Like many of the things that come out of the Austrian company, you’re either going to love or hate the design of these bikes. We happen to love the bikes’ looks, and hope that some larger displacement models mimic these cues as the KTM line continues to grow…we’re just not sure we’d want our kids on one though.